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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 16 February 2020

View our Flickr photo collection of Wynberg Cricket vs Grey High 

Weekly Planner

Monday 10 February
10:00 Assembly (Rd)

Tuesday 11 February
07:00 HR Committee Meeting
Zonal Athletics
16:00 Open Day
17:00 Oude Wijnberg House Braai

Wednesday 12 February
Civvies Day 1
10:00 House Assembly/Tutor

Thursday 13 February
10:00 Cultural Assembly
10:00 New Teachers meet (Ke)
17:30 Sunninghill House Braai

Friday 14 February
Valentine’s Day
13:00 Staff Meeting/Development
Reddam U14 Water Polo Tournament
Water Polo vs Bishops (A)
LOK Simposium by UWK vir opvoeders (Educators)

Saturday 15 February
Reddam U14 Polo Tournament
LOK Simposium by UWK vir opvoeders (Educators)
Water Polo vs Bishops (A)
Cricket vs Rondebosch
Zonal Semi-finals Athletics

Sunday 16 February
Reddam U14 Polo Tournament

SPORTS FIXTURES: Links to all sports fixtures may be found on our website – please note that detailed times and venues are published mid-week preceding the advertised dates.


Monday 10 February
Grade 10 Art PAT 1 (a)

Tuesday 11 February
Grade 12 Physical Science: Newton’s laws (Grade 11 – Chapter 2), Momentum and Impulse (Chapter 2)
Grade 11 EGD: Mechanical Drawing and Analytical
Grade 10 Afrikaans: Begripstoets en alle aspekte van taal; IsiXhosa: Oral during test period
Grade 9 Maths: Numbers (classification, LCM, HCF, Product of primes etc.), Order of operations, Algebra: Integers, Common Fractions, Ratio and rate, Direct and Indirect/Inverse Proportion
Grade 8 EMS: Public Sector

Wednesday 12 February

Thursday 13 February
Grade 12 L Science: Life at Molecular, Cellular and Tissue level: DNA, DNA Replication, RNA, Meiosis, Mitosis and Meiosis
Grade 11 Geography: Page 72 – 90 & 104 – 107, Unit 1: Unequal Heating of the Atmosphere, Unit 2: Transfer of energy and energy balance, Unit 3: Atmospheric Pressure, Unit 4: Atmospheric Wind, Pressure and Temperature, Unit 5: Wind and Air Masses, Unit 10: Synoptic Charts
Grade 10 Accounting: GAAP Principles, Principles of Ethics & Internal Control, Cash Receipts Journal & Cash Payments Journal, Posting the CRJ and CPJ to the General Ledger, Accounting Equation; AP Maths: Complex numbers, Definitions, Operations
Grade 9 Afrikaans: Begripstoets en alle aspekte van Taal; IsiXhosa Transactional Piece
Grade 8 History: Slideshow Part 1-4 (on Moodle)

Friday 14 February
Grade 10 Visual Art Sourcebook Due
Grade 11 Accounting Report on Fixed Assets

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