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wynberg boys' high school

School Fees

school fees
R62 350 per annum
School Fees 2024

The boarding school fees for Wynberg Boys’ High School for the year 2024 are R62,350 per annum. There are options to make the payment annually, monthly, or termly according to the individual’s convenience. These fees cover the cost of accommodation and other facilities at the Littlewood Boarding House, which houses 110 boys from Grades 8-12. The boarding house provides various amenities like bunk beds, lockers, desks, common areas with entertainment facilities, dining rooms, gardens, and access to sports facilities. All boarders are expected to adhere to rules, show respect, exhibit discipline, and participate in house activities[

option a
If School Fees are paid in full By:
  • 31 December 2023: R4 350 (7%) discount Applicable.
    Total = R58 000.00 Annually
  • 31 January 2024: R1 850 (3%) discount Applicable.
    Total = R60 500.00 Annually
option B
  • R15 587,50 by the first week of each term
Monthly (Grade 8-11)
R6 235 X 10 Months Via Debit Order/EFT/Direct Deposit/Snapscan
1 February – 1 November 2024
Monthly (Grade 12)
R7 793,75 x 8 Months via Debit Order/EFT/Direct Deposit/Snapscan
1 February – 1 September 2024
option c
Credit card
  • Advance payment using your Budget Facility with your bank secures you the discounts offered under Option A.
  • Monthly credit card payments may be made as offered under Option B.
school banking details
  • Wynberg Boys’ High School
  • Standard Bank: Constantia (025309)
  • Cheque Account No: 071691227
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