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Sports Facilities

Sport Facilities
Sports At Wynberg Boys' High School

Wynberg Boys’ High School offers a diverse range of sports and athletic programmes for its students, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and competitive spirit. With a fully equipped professional gymnasium with a focus on high-performance training, our teams participate in various inter-school meetings, tournaments, and festivals representing the school at a competitive level. 

Athletics Fields

Sport has always played a significant role in the life of the Wynberg Boy. We offer and encourage competitive sport at Wynberg, understanding the importance of sport in development, from camaraderie in team sports to individual development and excellence, the lessons learnt from sport and competition are foundational for life. Our superb facilities and committed coaching ensure that all boys are given every opportunity to excel. 
Mr. Gerhard Steyn oversees the athletics department and ensures the smooth running of all related activities from inter-house events to inter-school meetings and zonal championships. 

Basketball & Tennis Courts

WBHS boasts immaculately maintained basketball (3) and tennis courts (4) catering to the summer sports choices of the students.

Cricket Fields

The iconic Jacques Kallis Oval, arguably one of the most scenic schoolboy cricket venues in South Africa is surrounded by ‘century trees and benches’ with plaques detailing the extraordinary achievements of Wynberg’s cricketers over the decades. With two more ovals on the Silverhurst Fields and a new turf wicket on the Oude Wijnberg Field, Wynberg’s U14, U15, and U19 teams are well-catered for in venues for weekly league matches and annual festivals.

Indoor Cricket Centre

WBHS is delighted to be breaking ground in 2024 for a new state-of-the-art indoor cricket centre.

Cross Country course

Cross Country at Wynberg offers boys the opportunity to compete at a high level while developing discipline and endurance. Students run on various tracks, both on and around the school campus and at other schools in the region weekly. Students are trained by our dedicated coaches to ensure maximum development. 

Our cross country team at Wynberg Boys’ High School embodies the spirit of determination, perseverance, and camaraderie. With a rich tradition of excellence, our athletes lace up their shoes and hit the trails, pushing their limits and representing our school with pride. Led by dedicated coaches and fueled by passion, our team embraces the challenge of every race, whether it’s tackling rugged terrain or sprinting towards the finish line. Through grit and teamwork, we strive for victory while fostering a community that celebrates each member’s personal achievements. Join us on the journey to greatness as we run towards success in every stride!

Mountain Bike Track

Officially launched in 2023, the track meanders around the perimeter of the school campus, with spectacular gradients, turns, and views. The appointment of a professional MTB coach to support the growth in numbers of MTB enthusiasts marked the emergence of cycling as an official school sport competing in the local leagues.


Our school gymnasium, run under the professional eye of a fully qualified Bio kineticist, caters to high-performance training for all Wynberg sports and provides facilities for personal trainers and private gym memberships.

Hockey Astros

The Wynberg Campus of Schools boasts 2 Astros on the lower campus next to Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’ Junior and Girls’ High Schools. With one Astro illuminated by latest technology LED lights, the Astros have undercover spectator seating against the elements for ‘Friday Night Lights’ league matches as well as access to 2 pavilions and tuck shop catering.

Rugby Fields (x5)

From the hallowed Hawthornden Field, across Silverhurst A, B, and C Fields to the Jacques Kallis Oval, Wynberg’s 18 league rugby sides train and compete in the WP Schools Premier A League, all under the professional guidance of our Director of Rugby, Nic Groom.

Soccer Fields (x3)

WBHS returned to the school soccer leagues officially in 2015 and now boasts permanent soccer pitches on both the Jaques Kallis Oval and the Oude Wijnberg Field, alternating with summer cricket service.

Squash Courts (x4)

4 courts are available to our league players – 2 in the Silverhurst Complex, and 2 glass-backed in the Bill Bowden Pavilion.

Tennis Courts (x4)

With 5 teams across the grades, tennis continues to flourish at Wynberg. Boys are given the opportunity to compete at various levels throughout the year. Our facilities ensure optimal development of our players, and our coaching staff is equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to keep our teams performing at the highest level.  

Joining the Wynberg Boys High School tennis team opens the door to a dynamic world of skill-building, competition, and camaraderie. Our tennis program is renowned for its dedication to fostering both individual excellence and team spirit.

Whether you’re a seasoned player with years of experience or someone who’s just picking up a racket for the first time, there’s a place for you on our team. Our experienced coaches are committed to helping every player reach their full potential, providing personalized training tailored to your skill level and goals.

Water Polo Pool

Heated year-round, our floodlit pool is centrally located on the campus with changing rooms, coaches club house, a tuck-shop, and ample parking.
General Facilities
General Facilites

Wynberg Boys Highschool has a myriad of support and general usage facilities across the campus. The school’s 35-hectare campus is set on the eastern buttress of Table Mountain, in the heart of Cape Town.

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Cultural Facilites

Here at Wynberg, we understand that creativity is an important and necessary quality in our ever-changing world.

We do not take the approach that some boys are intrinsically creative while others are not but rather encourage and nurture creative development in all of our students.

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Academic Facilites

Wynberg Boys’ High School prides itself on its state-of-the-art academic facilities. The classrooms are modern and designed to foster an environment conducive for learning.

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The motto of Wynberg Boys’ High School is “Supera Moras,” which translates to “Overcome Difficulties” in English. In the context of the Wynberg community, it is often interpreted as “A Wynberg Man Never Gives Up.” This motto encourages every Wynberg student, referred to as a “Wynberg Man,” to constantly strive for greatness and to persist in the face of adversity.

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