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A Legacy of Excellence

The Wynberg Boys’ High School Old Boys’ Union (ODU) plays a pivotal role in fostering lifelong connections among alumni and supporting the school’s continued success and development. Through various initiatives and events, the ODU maintains a strong sense of camaraderie and involvement among former students, contributing to the enduring legacy of Wynberg Boys’ High School.

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Connect with former classmates, stay updated on school news, and participate in exciting events by becoming part of our vibrant alumni community. Rekindle old friendships, mentor current students, and contribute to the legacy of excellence that defines Wynberg Boys’ High School.

Register now to stay informed and be a part of our growing network of accomplished alumni. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference and relive cherished memories. Join us today and let’s continue the Wynberg Boys’ High School legacy together!

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Alumni Network

The Wynberg Boys’ High School Old Boys Alumni network is a valuable resource for former students to remain connected, share experiences, and support their alma mater. While there isn’t a specific directory mentioned in the search results, the network likely provides a platform for alumni to stay in touch, participate in events, and contribute to the growth and success of the school.

Additionally, the network may offer opportunities for mentoring, career support, and social gatherings, fostering a sense of community among the alumni. For more detailed information, individuals can contact the school directly or visit its official website.

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Legacy Trust

The Wynberg Boys’ High School Old Boys Alumni Trust, known as the Legacy Fund, was established by former Headmaster Jan de Waal and Old Boy Karl Westvig to provide financial support for deserving students and fund larger capital projects at Wynberg Boys’ Schools. The trust, structured as an Old Boys’ endowment fund within the Supera Moras Trust, aims to entrench an Old Boys’ culture of giving back and paying forward to ensure that school-approved scholarships and building projects receive funding in the short, medium, and long term. The Legacy Fund focuses on providing financial support for deserving students and funding larger capital projects, including scholarships and essential upgrades to existing infrastructure. The fund is managed by Barry Jessop under the umbrella of the Supera Moras Trust, a registered PBO, allowing donors and benefactors to support specific causes or projects and claim a Section 18a certificate for their donations. For more information or to get directly involved, individuals are encouraged to email Jan de Waal at

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