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wynberg boys' high school


A Beacon of Comprehensive Education and Character Development
A Pillar of culture

Wynberg Boys High School prioritises service, both in the school and to the wider community, understanding the importance of enshrining in all students the need to give back. Boys are encouraged at all times to consider how they can contribute, both in the context of day-to-day school life and in the world. We actively facilitate the development of all students in this way and offer several qualifications and opportunities to allow them to further themselves in this manner.

music options

Wynberg Boys’ High School offers an engaging and diverse music curriculum to its students. The curriculum covers various genres, including jazz and contemporary music, as well as aspects of improvisation, composition, and arrangement .

Students at Wynberg High are encouraged to participate in different music-related activities and ensembles such as the Jazz Band. The school magazine, available on the Issuu platform, highlights the school’s culture, including music, and offers a glimpse into the experiences and achievements of its students. This emphasis on music education plays a significant role in the overall development of students, enriching their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual experiences.

jazz band
steel band
concert band
pipe band
guitar ensemble
string ensemble
vocal ensemble
Acting Association
Art Society

Wynberg High School is home to a variety of societies, each aimed at enriching the student experience and fostering personal growth. These societies include the Debating Society, the Chess Club, the Drama Society, the Art Club, and the Music Society.

They provide students with an outlet for their passions outside of the regular curriculum, while also promoting teamwork, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking skills. These societies often participate in inter-school competitions, providing students with the opportunity to represent their school and excel in their chosen fields of interest.

Debating Society
eSports Society
First Aid
Multimedia Society
Muslim Students’ Association
Umanyano Society
short courses

Wynberg High School offers a variety of short courses to cater to the diverse needs of its students. These include courses in public speaking and leadership, aiming to enhance students’ communication and leadership skills respectively . Our school also offers a course in digital literacy to equip students with essential computer skills and online safety measures.

For those interested in entrepreneurship, there’s a short course introducing the basics of business planning, marketing, and operations. Additionally, a course on study skills is available to help students improve their academic performance through effective study habits and strategies.


Wynberg Boys’ High School places a significant emphasis on culture and the arts, fostering an environment where students can explore and develop their artistic talents. We prides ourselves on our comprehensive cultural program, which includes activities like videography and live streaming, as part of our Multimedia Society. This society is just one of many that the school hosts, each providing an opportunity for students to explore different interests and hobbies, thereby enhancing their cultural understanding and appreciation.

By promoting these cultural activities, we aim to cultivate a vibrant and diverse school culture that encourages creativity, inclusivity, and mutual respect. The cultural pillar is a crucial part of the school’s philosophy and plays an integral role in shaping well-rounded individuals prepared for society.


A fun and challenging game for all students, chess enhances cognitive functions, improves memory, creativity, problem solving skills and develops the ability to focus and maintain concentration. Chess is an enormously popular pass-time at Wynberg Boys’ High School, with many informal challenges taking place in the Library every break time and afternoon.
Our teams are highly competitive and enthusiastic and have succeeded in encouraging a wider following of chess within the school. Coaching takes place every Wednesday afternoon in the Library, and all boys are welcome. Our Chess Ladder (situated in the A corridor), regularly has 40 – 50 names on it and boys are encouraged to challenge each other to move up the ladder. The top 32 boys make up the eight match teams every Friday, and Wynberg is proud to note that our students go onto represent the Western Cape in competition.


The drama department at Wynberg Boys' High School is a hub of activity, regularly putting on major productions and collaborating with Wynberg Girls' High School for joint productions, including comedies and musicals. The school also participates in the annual Shakespeare festival, delivering fresh and modern takes on the bard’s work, and hosts inter-house plays and acting festivals.

The Wynberg Boys Acting Association (WBAA) meets regularly to practice and hone their stage craft, with students consistently achieving Diplomas, the highest award at the Eisteddfod. Additionally, the school offers a range of societies and activities, including the Acting Association, designed to develop members’ skills and commitment.


Debating hones and encourages skills boys will use throughout their lives, such as public speaking, reasoned argument, negotiation and persuasion. These skills prove to be invaluable in a number of careers, and promotes confidence, communication and social skills among students. Our senior and junior debating teams compete throughout the year as part of the schools debating league.
Each week, they must debate serious issues with other school teams, such as the death penalty, euthanasia and whether private schools are discriminatory. Our debating teams have proven to be popular among boys in recent years, and we are proud of the successes of our teams, and we have no doubt that our society will continue to grow from strength to strength.


Music at Wynberg has developed into one of the premier areas of excellence at the school. Every year, our bands take top awards at the Eisteddfod, performing throughout the year at professional functions. Our vocal ensemble, which features our top singers, has recently performed at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, to high acclaim. The choir consists of over fifty boys who rehearse weekly, with a wide repertoire of songs. Many of these boys are not taking music lessons, but are still able to participate in the music of the school.
This is all due to the tireless work of our music staff, who strive to create a fun and engaging environment where boys can experiment and develop their musical skills. All boys are required to play in one of our bands: the concert band, the jazz band, the steel drum bands and the pipe band. Our annual Concert In The Quad, and our lunchtime concerts provide opportunities for boys who are interested in music.

additional extra-curricular activities

Wynberg Boys' High School offers an extensive range of extra-curricular activities, providing students with opportunities to explore diverse interests and develop new skills. From drama productions to chess tournaments, and from multimedia activities to viticulture, the school is committed to fostering a vibrant and engaging environment for its students.

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