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Building a Passion for Learning Together
Wynberg caters for Students in two phases

Our rigorous academic programmes ensure that all students are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to become effective and influential members of our society. Our holistic approach recognises the roles of all stakeholders in the academic journey – students, parents, and staff – to ensure that Wynberg boys are fully supported to achieve academic excellence.

The General Education and Training phase (GET) for Grades 8 and 9, ages 13 to 15.

GET information


The Further Education and Training phase (FET) for Grades 10, 11 and 12, ages 15 to 18, at the end of which students will sit the National Senior Certificate university entrance examination.

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Our Motto

The Latin motto of Wynberg Boys’ High School is “Supera Moras,” which translates to “Overcome Difficulties”. In the context of the Wynberg community, it is often interpreted as “A Wynberg Man Never Gives Up.” This motto encourages every Wynberg student, collectively referred to as “Wynberg Men,” to constantly strive for greatness and to persist in the face of adversity.

Our Mission

Wynberg Boys’ High School is committed to providing opportunities for our students to pursue excellence in all aspects of education – academic, cultural, and sporting – and for our students and staff to enjoy as safe a working and learning environment as possible.

The school further promotes a responsibility of service to our broader community, a commitment to unity from diversity, and an ethos of relevant citizenship.

At the end of a student’s school career, he must be able to take his place proudly and responsibly in South African society.

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