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WBHS | COVID-19 Academic Arrangements

COVID-19 Academic Arrangements

17 March 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. The leadership team of Wynberg Boys’ High School appreciates the efforts of the entire school community during these unprecedented times.

The following set of arrangements have been drawn up on the assumption that school will reopen on Tuesday 14th April.

In addition to the regular assignments that would have been given to boys during the planned holiday, extra work is being provided to be completed during the extended break. This work will be made available on Moodle in the usual subject areas for each grade. Teachers can be contacted by email to assist learners from 31 March onwards.

The subjects with both regular and additional work assigned for each grade are as follows:

Gr 8 – Mathematics, Creative Arts PAT, Natural Sciences project launch
Gr 9 – Mathematics, Creative Arts PAT, Natural Sciences project launch
Gr 10 – Mathematics, History research assignment, Economics media investigation, Accounting project, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences EXPO, EGD PAT 1
Gr 11 – Mathematics, Economics media investigation, History research assignment, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences EXPO, EGD PAT 1
Gr 12 – Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, History research assignment, Economics media investigation, EGD PAT 1, IT PAT Phase 2, isiXhosa novel analysis, Music PAT 3.

A limited number of hard copies will be kept at the school’s reception and are available only to those learners who are unable to download the work from home.

The assessment program that appears on Moodle will be revised to account for any lost instructional time. There will not be any standardised tests during the first week of school and the mid-year examinations will still take place at the end of the term, with a full set of exams for grade 12 and a restricted set of examinations for grades 8-11.

Parents and learners must all check their email inboxes regularly for updates from the school and from individual teachers. This will be our primary method of regular communication. Should the date that school is due to start be delayed an SMS will also be sent to all parents. There will be no remote teaching taking place unless there is a delay to the projected start of term. Should this happen, updated arrangements will be communicated to all in due course.

Formal first term reports will be emailed to parents on or before Friday 27 March 2020. A new template is being created by an external service provider given our change to the new school management system, Engage and we do apologise for the delay. Parents can access their son’s marks for individual assessment items and his PACE codes by viewing their sons Engage portal.

It has been indicated to us by the WCED that the June/July holiday period could be curtailed, with one week being given over to teaching.

We urge you all to keep updated with the latest advice on staying safe and to take the appeal to self-isolate seriously. This, along with regular washing of hands, is the best way of limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Thompson
Vice Principal Academics

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