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WBHS News – Corona Virus Update

16 March 2020

COVID-19 Update


Dear Parents/Guardians

Many of you will no doubt have heard last night’s announcement regarding the closure of all schools in South Africa.

Wynberg Boys’ High School will officially close on Wednesday, 18 March at 13:00 and reopen on Tuesday, 14 April. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be attending nor hosting any of the tours and festivals that were scheduled during this period. We will keep you informed regarding developments, as we receive information from the various organisers of these events.

As was mentioned, the June/July holidays will be shortened and we therefore ask that you do not make arrangements over this period, as it may be used to catch up on academic work.

If you have decided to keep your son at home, for the period before the schools close on Wednesday, your son will not be disadvantaged in any way. We do request that you follow the normal process for absenteeism and email your son’s tutor. For the remainder of this week, no new academic work will be done, and we will focus on revision.

The situation is very fluid and therefore we ask that you regularly check you emails for updated information. At this stage we are expecting to have sufficient time, later in the year to make up the missed academic time. In the event of further closures, a contingency plan for the academic programme, will be communicated by email.

Until the school closes on Wednesday, we are taking the following precautionary measures:

1. All evening school events have been postponed indefinitely.
2. All extra-mural activities have been cancelled.
3. There will be no Test Period tomorrow (Tuesday)
4. School closing times for this week:
Monday, 16 March 14:40
Tuesday, 17 March 13:00
Wednesday, 18 March 13:00

If you are not able to collect your son at 13:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday, the school building will be open, and your son will be supervised by a member of staff.

This is a unique situation we find ourselves in and calls for extraordinary measures and nothing is certain. I trust that we will have your support as decisions are made according to how circumstances unfold.

Yours sincerely



Covid 19 Update 16032020

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