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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 1 March 2020

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Weekly Planner

Monday 24 February
10:00 Assembly (Th)

Tuesday 25 February
07:00 Exco & Finance Committee Meeting
17:00 Silverhurst Braai

Wednesday 26 February
07:45 Tutor
08:00 Period 1
08:30 Period 2
09:00 Period 3
09:30 Period 4
10:00 Assembly
10:30 Break
11:00 Period 8
11:30 Period 9
12:00 Tutor
12:15 School Closes
13:15 Boys need to be at Bishops
14:00 Quadrangular Athletics starts
18:00 Quadrangular Athletics ends

Thursday 27 February
10:00 New Teachers meeting with Th
St John’s Basketball Tournament
17:30 Hawthornden House Braai

Friday 28 February
13:00 Staff Development
St John’s Basketball Tournament
Water Polo vs Paul Roos (H)
WP Athletics Championships

Saturday 29 February
WCED Workshop (at Wynberg)
St John’s Basketball Tournament
Water Polo vs Paul Roos (H)
WP Athletics Championships
Cricket vs Affies

Sunday 1 March
St John’s Basketball Tournament

SPORTS FIXTURES: Links to all sports fixtures may be found on our website – please note that detailed times and venues are published mid-week preceding the advertised dates.


Monday 24 February
Grade 12 Vis. Art Class Test: Question 1. The emerging artists of South Africa. 1.1 (unseen) and 1.2 (studied artists)
Grade 10 Maths Class Test – Products, factorisation, algebraic fractions and exponents (excluding exponential equations); Accounting: Written Report Due
Grade 9 Economics: Assignment week (Mon 24 – Fri 28 Feb)Topics: Economic Systems and Circular Flow

Tuesday 25 February
Grade 12 Geography: Climatology from Pg 70 to Pg 116
Grade 11 History: Source Based Question – Stalin’s Economic Policies, In Class: Essay – Lenin’s Economic Policies; Electronics:Occupational health and safety, Tools and measuring instruments, Waveforms
Grade 10 V Art – PAT session. – E22 (Co) E23 (Dd)
Grade 9 Geog: Distance, Bearing, Direction, Contour features, Gradient, Cross sections, Coordinates
Grade 8 Afr: Begripstoets en Taal; IsiXho: Language Test

Wednesday 26 February
Grade 12 Maths assignment test – Sequences and Series, Trigonometry
Grade 9 Maths test – Financial maths and exponents.

Thursday 27 February
Grade 12 EGD Civil Drawing: Floor plan & Sectional Elevation including roof detail.
Grade 11 Acc Topics: Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliations and Internal Control; VArt Theory worksheet Co invigilate in E22
Grade 10 History: Source Based Question – Ming China, In Class: Essay – Vietnam
Grade 9 Accounting Test: Topics- Financial literacy definitions, Account classification, Accounting Equation, Types of businesses, Cost Calculations and Cash Payments Journal
Grade 8 N Science: Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, Introduction to ecology, Ecosystems, Feeding relationships

Friday 28 February
Grade 11 P. Science Test: Chapter 1: Vectors in 2 dimensions, Chapter 2: Newton’s Laws – Section 2.1 to 2.3

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