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WBHS Magazine 2006

Read the 2006 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 2006 School Magazine.

From Headmaster Mr Keith Richardson’s Magazine report:

It has been 165 years since John McNaughton arrived from Scotland to open the doors of the Wynberg School in Glebe Cottage. While preparing the boys for Founders’ Day this year, I asked them to imagine that his spirit would be amongst us as we sang the old, traditional hymns and gave thanks to those who had helped build the school to what it is today. I wonder what Mr McNaughton would have thought of ‘his’ school 165 years on? Surely he would beam with immense pride as he pages through the 2006 magazine, which faithfully records the highs and lows of all that happens at Wynberg?

The undoubted two lows have been the untimely deaths of two Wynberg stalwarts John Baxter and Daryl Sims. Tributes to them are elsewhere in this magazine, but what an impact they made on the lives of hundreds of young men. When the next book of Wynberg’s history is written, there is no doubt that they will feature prominently.

The highs of 2006 are well recorded in this magazine; the cricket, hockey, and squash trophies; the celebration with Grey of their 150th anniversary; the wonderful Founders’ Week, culminating in the televised Classic Clash with SACS; the opening of the Nussbaum Centre; the hockey and cricket tour to Pakistan; the many academic successes in the various Olympiads …

Read the full magazine online.


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