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WBHS Magazine 1991

Read the 1991 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1991 School Magazine.

From Headmaster Mr Rowan Algie’s Magazine report:

Each year, in this note, I have tried to highlight those events which have been special to the year. 1991 has been an extraordinary year. However, I hould like to highlight three important events or milestones reached.

Firstly, it has been the year in which we have celebrated 150 years as an educational institution. We have celebrated on a number of varied but successful occasions which, I believe, have in various ways involved the entire Wynberg community.

Secondly, Wynberg opened it door at the beginning of the year to all South Africans. The impact, at this point, is negligible, but the indications are that our new admissions policy will certainly bring greater challenges and a new dimension to the school.

Thirdly, this year has seen the culmination of three projects which have added considerably to the school. The alterations to Silverhurst were completed and the building was occupied as a hostel in June. A computer room, to be known as the Philip Schock Computer Room, has been created and fully equipped. Finally, the Wynberg House pavilion has been completed.

All in all, a good year for Wynberg Boys’ High School.

Read the full magazine online.

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