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WBHS Magazine 1959

Read the 1959 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1959 School Magazine.

From Mr Harry Arguile’s Magazine Editorial:

We were greatly heartened earlier this year when we heard that the Provincial Council had purchased on our behalf part of “Hawthorndene”, the estate of Countess Labia, and that we could take possession of the property forthwith. The acquisition of this property will help us to realise a long-standing need, and we take this opportunity of expressing our thanks to the Provincial Council and to all concerned who have assisted us to realise this ambition. The development of the new grounds will be the responsibility of the School and is proceeding apace. “Hawthorndene” is within easy reach of the School, and we plan to make provision there for two football fields, one large and two small cricket fields, a pavilion, and a long·cherished ambition – our own running track on which we shall be able to hold our Athletics meetings in future years. There is every prospect that by the time this magazine reaches you the new playing fields will be taking shape, though it will take some time, of course, before the fields will be actually ready for use.

Read the full magazine online.

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