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WBHS Magazine 1939

Read the 1939 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1939 School Magazine.

From the Magazine Editorial:

The cricket season was a successful one, but unfortunately the last pleasant and comfortable season we shall have for some time. Owing to our attempt to restore the fields to a healthy condition, all our Senior matches will have to be played away from home and the number of teams reduced. Mr. Wahl, Mr. Haupt, and Mr. Martin, joined this season by Mr. Arguile, are in charge of this flourishing sport and are to be congratulated on their past successes and commiserated with during the unsatisfactory years ahead …

From the report on the Cricket Season 1938-1939:

This year we entered six teams in the Schools’ League Competitions and we enjoyed a very good season. The 2nd XI, which played in the 3rd Division, did not lose a match and the other teams all had their share of victories and defeats. There was great competition for inclusion in the various teams, which augurs well for the future of cricket in the School.

This year (1940) unfortunately we shall be playing under a handicap, as our main field is being repaired and consequently our 1st and 2nd XI’s have to play all their matches away and we have only entered four teams in School competitions. We hope this state of affairs will not continue too long.

Our practice wickets have been laid down in a mixture of “Colas” and granite chips. This is said to give a playing surface similar to turf …

Read the full magazine online.

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