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Ian Melliar Cup 2019: What a Weekend of Quality Water Polo!

This year’s Ian Melliar Cup was another extremely successful one. When I was told, in my first year here as Director of Wynberg Water Polo, that it rained every tournament, I was skeptical but the warning from the event stalwarts proved true, it bucketed down on the first day of the tournament. This did not dampen the spirit of the tournament at all and the boys played through the rain, with the heated pool doing its job admirably.

The tournament remained on schedule even with the wet weather for most of the day. There were many exciting polo games played throughout the early pool stages, some big clashes such as St. John’s vs Rondebosch and St Andrew’s vs Wynberg. With the live streaming getting under way, the games were available for all to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

Day 2 dawned warm and sunny with minimal clouds and with the sun poking through to warm players and spectators alike. The weather set the tone for what promised to be an action-packed day. The fixtures included more excellent match ups later in the evening such as Bishops vs Clifton and SACS vs Grey High. The second day was as exciting as promised and there were a few upsets which brought an extra edge to the tournament.

Day 3 is where it all got very interesting with the last of the pool games being played. It came down to goal difference in a few games but after lunch the cross-pool playoffs got underway with more unexpected results. The quarterfinals that followed were closely contested and played at a very high intensity. There were spot prizes handed out between games which was a highlight for many spectators with many amazing prizes being won.

On the last day of the tournament we started off with the placing games followed by our semifinals. All the games we played were in good spirit and at a high standard of play. One would never have said this was an U15 tournament. Most games ended in a 4-5 or 3-4 score line showing that each team gave it their all to clinch a victory in the last game of their #IMCup19.

The 3rd and 4th position games were edge of the seat stuff between St. John’s and Rondebosch with St. John’s starting on the backfoot and coming from behind to clench victory, ending 3rd in the tournament.

The Finals between SACS and Clifton was a nail-biting encounter and saw SACS coming out on top. SACS placed 1st and Clifton in 2nd.

A great tournament with a very high standard of water polo being played throughout the whole tournament. I thank everyone involved; Jeanette Muller, Ian Melliar, Alice Cudworth, Roland Rudd and a special thanks to the Wynberg schoolboys who helped to run the officials’ table, did the commentating and the 1st aid. These boys didn’t have it easy, especially the ones at the table and I think they did and amazing job.

I hope to see all the teams return next year for another eventful Ian Melliar Cup in 2020.

A #WynbergMedia report by Mr Bryan Punt, Director of Wynberg Water Polo

Wynberg Media Thanks

The Ian Melliar Cup has been, since its inception by Mr Roland Rudd in 2007, the WBHS’ media sandbox of online coverage. The event management taken over by Jeanette Muller in 2012, as head of our events marketing, has continued to be the ‘jewel in our Wynberg crown’ as we strive to give those pool-side, and especially those far away, the very best memories to cherish online.

#IMCup19 was a bitter-sweet moment for my team, as we will lose (and gain as Wynberg Old Boys at year end), Matrics Tom Pfeiffer & Matthew Gie, the lads who pulled off the very first, ever, SA Schools ‘DIY’ live stream video event, wholly presented by their School. Take a bow, Wynberg Men, you’ve done us proud. And your training of our new team is hugely valued. Thank you.

None of this would be possible without the full new age media support of our Headmaster, Jan de Waal, and our Vice-Principal of Sport, Mike Engelbrecht. And the event-essential support, and free hand, from our sponsors, Speck Pumps SA. My thanks to Lize and Roderick Westwood for ‘letting us loose’ once again. An incredible couple, with a passion for schools’ polo, and a business anniversary in South Africa that started when Wynberg began water polo, 50 years back. #Kismet

Special thanks must go to

Tania Robbertze, a young veteran of #WynbergMedia for her photo skills for every match, live, and her dedication to our School. Iconic work on every level. TY

Jamie-Leigh Snoek, our new Wynberg Media intern, thrown into the deep end, literally, in building event coverage through Instagram and our website.

TeamPhotoSA – Fanus Schoeman, a veteran of the first event, and provider of no-charge memories & team photos this year to all Families (which maybe unique in SA Schools’ Media?) Friends we count on.

The Solid Group, Alex, Andrew, Adam, our Wynberg Old Boy, Dylan Edwards – thank you for your support and ongoing mentoring of our boys. What you do is always recorded, viewed, and appreciated. #OneTeam

MyComLink – thank you for your platform for scoring games, commentating, and traveling our media journey together: Jolyon, Shaun, Steven, and the burgeoning team. It’s been a superb collaboration.

WBHS IT Team & Sound Crew, last, but most definitely not least in any interpretation of the phrase. The carnival atmosphere poolside, and our ability to use the latest tech to best advantage is testimony to Christiaan Venter and his team’s passion and dedication. My grateful thanks.

Supera Moras

Chris Merrington #WynbergMedia

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