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All in for Wynberg – Brothers in an Endless Chain

Friday 20 May 2022: It was in 2019 when we were last able to have a traditional All in for Wynberg derby weekend. Support events such as these make our school special, focusing our much-envied Wynberg spirit and strengthening our endless chain of brothers and community. For the last two years, we’ve become accustomed to a world of separated social distancing,  and while support for the School and our events online has remained phenomenal, it is important that we seize the chance to rekindle the unbridled Wynberg exuberance and pride of supporting our teams and athletes from the sidelines of their fields of play.

The next four weeks present three All in for Wynberg derbies starting with Bishops away this weekend, followed by home matches against Rondebosch on 27/28 May, and SACS on 10/11 June. Despite the focus on academic assessments, we expect all our boys to support their school on these three weekends. Every boy is expected to support the 1st Team Hockey on Friday night or the 1st Team Rugby on Saturday morning. For the Rondebosch fixture, we will include 1st XI  Soccer on the Saturday morning as another opportunity to support.

We trust that all families will wholeheartedly back the school in this endeavour to have every boy supporting the school. These All in for Wynberg events must not just be seen as rugby, hockey, or soccer events, but rather as school events. They are an opportunity for every student to support one another, to sing and cheer together, and to build the Wynberg gees.

We are all excited about the three upcoming derby weekends. We trust that they will be memorable events.

Supera Moras

Peter van Schalkwyk
Deputy Headmaster

Away Fixtures vs Bishops

Please note that there will be no live streaming of matches this weekend.

Friday 20 May 2022


Saturday 21 May 2022



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