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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 8 March 2020

View our photo collection of the inaugural Quadrangular Athletics on Flickr

Weekly Planner

Monday 2 March
10:00 Assembly (Ms)
15:00 Junior Inter-House Sport – Cricket, Polo, Basketball

Tuesday 3 March
07:00 ICT Committee Meeting
15:00 Senior Inter-House Sport – Cricket, Polo, Basketball, Tennis

Wednesday 4 March
10:00 House Assembly/Tutor
15:00 Old Boys Summer Sport
19:00 Quarterly Concert in the Nussbaum

Thursday 5 March
LO Day 2
19:00 Maths Experience

Friday 6 March
13:00 Staff Development (Winter Sport)
Western Cape Athletics Championships

Saturday 7 March
Cricket vs SACS
Western Cape Athletics Championships

Sunday 8 March
16:00 Sunset Concert

SPORTS FIXTURES: Links to all sports fixtures may be found on our website – please note that detailed times and venues are published mid-week preceding the advertised dates.


Monday 2 March
Grade 12 Accounting Test – Companies: Unique Transactions, Companies: Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Notes)
Grade 9 Economics: Assignment Week (Mon 2 Mar – Fri 6 Mar), Economic Systems & Circular Flow
Grade 10 Physical Science – Chapter 4: The Atom, Chapter 5: The periodic table

Tuesday 3 March
Grade 12 Economics: Circular flow, National accounts and all conversions, Multiplier, Business cycles; Visual Art (PAT)
Grade 11 IT Programming Test: Arrays (Standardized test); Visual Art (PAT)
Grade 10 Geography: The Atmosphere – Structure, composition and importance (page 82), The ozone layer (Page 85), Processes associated with the heating of the atmosphere (page 88), The greenhouse effect (page 93), Factors that affect different temperatures (page 96), Global warming (page 104), Impact of climate change (page 109), Mapwork – interpretation
Grade 9 History: Holocaust (Open Book Activity)
Grade 8 C Arts:Music (8A+B) – Time Values; Time Signatures; Notes on the stave; Semiquavers; Rests; Ties;Dotted Notes; Accidentals. Visual Art (8C, 8D, 8E, 8F, 8G) – Practical FAT 1 Step 3. Dance (8A + 8B) – Practical Assessment

Wednesday 4 March
Grade 11 Theory Class Test.
Grade 8 Maths Investigation

Thursday 5 March
Grade 12 V Art (PAT)Music: Theory: 4 part writing and Cadences; GMK work covered this year.
Grade 11 Life Sciences: Biodiversity and Classification of Microorganisms, Viruses, Bacteria, Protista, Fungi + One disease for each, Pathogen Immunity, Traditional Technology using Microorganism and Biotechnology; V. Art (PAT)
Grade 10 Construction: Safety, Construction Management, Tools and Equipment, Concrete; IT Theory test: (Hardware and Software); V. Art (PAT)
Grade 9 Technology:Forces and Structures, One-point perspective
Grade 8 Geography: Page 1 – 14 in Textbook, Mapwork: Coordinates, Scale, Distance P 1 – 6, The Globe: Time Zones & Seasons P 8 – 14

Friday 6 March

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