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Weekly Planner, Week Ending 23 February 2020

Concert in the Quad 2020
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Weekly Planner

Monday 17 February
10:00 House Assembly/Tutor
10:30 Blood Clinic
18:00 Neighbours’ Function
Concert in the Quad Dress Rehearsal
Shakespeare Festival Rehearsal
School Admissions open

Tuesday 18 February
07:00 Marketing & Fund-Raising Committee Meeting
18:00 IH Swimming Gala
Cricket vs St Pauls (U15/U16)

Wednesday 19 February
10:00 Assembly (Th)
Cricket vs Marlborough (UK)
18:00 Gr 8 Drug & Maths Talk (Compulsory)

Thursday 20 February
07:45 Tutor
08:00 Australian Guest Speaker Presentation in the hall
09:00 Test Period
10:00 Period 4
10:30 Break
11:00 Normal Thursday until end of the day
Shakespeare Festival Rehearsal
18:45 Concert in the Quad

Friday 21 February
13:00 Presentation to Staff
Polo vs Reddam (H)
18:45 Concert in the Quad

Saturday 22 February
Water Polo vs Reddam/Westerford (H)
Cricket vs Pinelands
18:45 Concert in the Quad
Shakespeare Festival Rehearsal

Sunday 23 February
16:30 Concert in the Quad

SPORTS FIXTURES: Links to all sports fixtures may be found on our website – please note that detailed times and venues are published mid-week preceding the advertised dates.


Monday 17 February
Grade 10 Life Sciences 15:00-16:00
Inorganic Compounds
– Water
– Mineral Salts
Organic Compounds
– Carbohydrates
– Lipids
– Proteins
– Enzymes

Tuesday 18 February
Grade 12 IT: Standardised theory test (Hardware/Software/UML diagrams and Object Orientated Programming); Vis Art (PAT): Practical bring all preparation/canvas/boards for Final work
Grade 11 Maths: Exponents (including exponential equations), surds and quadratic equations; Maths Literacy: Chapter 1 – Number formats; Calculating; Working with formulae;
Percentages; Ratio, Rate and Proportion; Graphs. Chapter 2 – Entrepreneurship; Income and Expenses; Profit, loss and break-even points; Using an equation to find the break-even point; Percentage profit; Simple interest
Grade 10 Economics: Scarcity, choice and opportunity cost. PPF curves. The THREE economic processes and the Circular flow model; Electronics: Occupational health and safety
Tools and measuring instruments. Basic principles of electricity
Grade 9 NScience: Cell Structure. Differences between plant and animal cells. Cells in tissues, organs and systems. Parts of a Microscope. Preparing Slides for a microscope
Grade 8 Technology: Question 1: Different line types. Question 2: Instrument drawings (Border and name block). Question 3: Freehand drawings REMEMBER MATH SET AND DEVICE

Wednesday 19 February
Grade 9 History Class Assessment -Hitler’s Rise to Power (Essay and SBQ)

Thursday 20 February
Grade 12 History: 50 Mark Test – Source Based Cuban Missile Crisis; Electronics: Occupational health and safety. RLC series and parallel circuits as well as resonance; Accounting: Written report due
Grade 11 Economics: Factors of production / National accounting aggregates
Grade 10 EGD: Basic Principles, Drawing techniques, Free hand, Geometric construction & Theory
Grade 9 English: Comprehension, summary, visual literacy and language.
Grade 8 Maths: Modules A1 to A4.

Friday 21 February
Grade 9 History Class Assessment – Hitler’s Rise to Power (Essay and SBQ)
Grade 12 History: 50 Mark Essay: Civil Rights Movement

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