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WBHS Welcomes TLT as a Partner of our Life Orientation Programme for 2021

Friday 27 November 2020: WBHS is pleased to announce Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT) as a partner of our Life Orientation (LO) programme for 2021.

Headmaster, Mr de Waal writes: “TLT is a dynamic life empowerment and leadership skills programme developed in 2017 in response to the ever-increasing pressure and expectations placed on young people today. The programme has received extremely positive feedback from the schools where it is running, including King Edward VII School (KES), where it is in its second year, and I think our boys will benefit enormously by being part of it. The curriculum is diverse and touches on many different aspects of life.”

Where TLT incorporate our WBHS values system into the programme for LO, the scope of their training and support goes beyond the classroom, and our families are encouraged to subscribe directly via their website for additional material and mentorship: “We help young people navigate real issues, teaching them about themselves, the world and the practical tools of how to become a better citizen. We want to see young people free of expectations and empowered to become leaders in their own spaces.”

In 2021, TLT will be involved with WBHS’ Life Orientation Curriculum, and will also be offering a completely separate stand-alone Leadership Skills Development and Psycho-Social support program as an extracurricular option, a sign up we strongly endorse to all our students.

Read Mr de Waal’s letter of support, and use this link to register your interest in TLT’s Extracurricular Leadership Development Programme. 

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