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WBHS Weekly Planner, Monday 9 – Sunday 15 May 2022

Wynberg Grey Weekend – Fixtures & Media Links

Monday 9 May, School Hours 07:45 – 14:55

10:00 Assembly (Ms)
18:30 Shakespeare Schools Festival at the District 6 theatre (formerly the Fugard)

Tuesday 10 May, School Hours 07:45 – 14:55

18:00 MOJO Talk to Parents
18:30 Shakespeare Schools Festival at the District 6 theatre (formerly the Fugard)

Test Content

Grade 12 Physical Sciences

Chapter 4 – Organic molecules
4.1 What are organic molecules?
4.2 Organic molecular structures.
4.3 IUPAC naming and formulae.
4.4 Physical properties and structure.
4.5 Applications of organic chemistry.
4.6 Addition, elimination, and substitution reactions.

Grade 11 Life Sciences Lesson

Grade 10 Economics
Research assignment draft copy (handwritten).

Grade 9 English Transactional Writing

Grade 8 IGNITE Elective Test

EMS Case Study

Art test

Moodle Quiz on Elements and Principles of Art (Content uploaded on Art Team and MS Teams) (20 marks)
2 x Tonal PENCIL drawings (15 marks each)

Technology Test

Instrument Drawings
Freehand Drawings

History Test 

Prepare an A4 sheet to take into the test to write the History essay they have chosen.

Geography Test

What is Geography and what is it about?
Know about the flag you did for fun with Flags!
What are maps?
Different ways maps can be used.
Interpreting maps (what we did in class).

Science Test

What does a scientist do?
Lab apparatus

Life Sciences Test – booklet on TEAMS

Biological Drawing rules.
What makes up cells?
Why do we use microscopes?
How to use microscopes.

Wednesday 11 May, School Hours 07:45 – 14:40

House Assembly/Tutor
16:00 – 17:30 UCT Maths Competition

Thursday 12 May, School Hours 07:45 – 14:40

07:45 Test Period
08:50 Tutor
09:00 Period 4
09:30 Period 5
10:00 Period 6
10:30 Break
11:00 Period 7
11:30 Period 8
12:00 Period 11
12:30 Period 12
13:00 Break
13:30 SAMO Round 2 Starts
13:40 Non-writers report to venues for a study session
14:40 End of the school day for non-writers
16:00 SAMO Round 2 Ends

Test Content

Grade 12 Economics (Research assignment draft copy handwritten)

Grade 11 Economics (Research assignment draft copy handwritten)

Grade 10 History
Boys must answer one of the following essays:

  • The Destruction of the Aztec and Inca Empires by the Spanish.
  • The American War of Independence – War or Revolution?

Grade 9 Mathematics Investigation

Grade 8 Afrikaans Opstel
Bring Woordeboek & A+ Afrikaans boek

Friday 13 May, School Hours 07:45 – 12:40

Subject Department Meetings
Hockey vs DF Malan (H)

Saturday 14 May

Rugby vs Boland Landbou (H)

Sunday 15 May

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