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WBHS Pastoral: A Partnership with BelievePerform – Well-Being, Mental Health, and more

Thursday 4 February 2021: WBHS is excited to share the good news that we have signed up for an online platform called BelievePerform – available to all our boys and staff.

Vice-Principal of Pastoral Affairs, Mr Roland Rudd writes:

Dear Wynberg Families.

I hope you are well and safe.

BelievePerform is the world’s leading source of performance psychology, wellbeing, and mental health content on an online platform that provides students, coaches, athletes, teachers, and parents with high quality knowledge and education to help improve performance.

The BelievePerform platform will form part of the pastoral support we are offering our boys, teachers, and our families. The content on this platform can be accessed from home and families can work through the content at no cost.

All boys and staff have been signed up, with login details emailed to WBHS email addresses towards the end of last year (and this year for our new grade 8s). If you have issues with your login details you can email Wynberg Help Desk at

You can access courses, training plans, infographics, articles, and videos. Some examples of what is on offer:

  • 50 strategies to manage your anxiety,
  • Developing everyday resilience,
  • Keeping your confidence during challenging times,
  • Maintaining motivation during lockdown,
  • Getting ready for your school day during lockdown,
  • How to build positive mental and health habits with your children.

The website address is

Negative thinking itself is contagious. All around us, there is negative news – the Covid pandemic, grief, and loss, how bad the economy is, and analysts telling us what could happen. If one keeps dwelling on negatives, one will end up afraid, worried, and panicked. When one thinks like that it becomes a negative cycle that keeps drawing in more fear and more worry.

We must focus on changing negative thinking and focus on finding the positives. Draw strength from friends, family, and spiritual beliefs. Focus on the positives and we will start noticing changes for the better every day.

It is my hope that the BelievePerform platform will assist you with developing resilience and better equipping yourself to deal with the challenges we face. Enjoy working through the materials available to you on the BelievePerform platform.

Stay safe and look after yourself and your loved ones.

Kind Regards

Roland Rudd

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