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WBHS Magazine 2021

Read the 2021 WBHS School Magazine Online

Monday 20 June 2022: Print copies of the 2021 WBHS Magazine have been distributed to all Grade 9 – 12 students, with copies for the Matrics of 2021 available for collection from School Reception.  The pieces of our school year, so often ‘buffeted by the waves’, have been painstakingly assembled in this volume recalling the shared journey of our 180th year, and is also available online.

Extract from Ms Courtney Wallace’s Editor’s Report:

It was a puzzle kind of year: disjointed, a little all over the place, confusing, challenging, but ultimately beautiful. I hope that shines through in the magazine this year – the bits and bobs come together to form a collection of wonderful memories of a year that felt like it really never would end. I’m sure we all relate to that concept – the metaphoric puzzle on the table that seems like an insurmountable task, until finally complete.

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