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WBHS Magazine 2020

Read the 2020 WBHS School Magazine Online

Tuesday 18 May 2021: WBHS proudly presents our 2020 School Magazine. Grade 9 – 12 students have been given a print edition each, with copies for the Matrics of 2020 available for collection from School Reception.  This 2020 Vision/ 2020 Reflection publication is a celebration of our Supera Moras Spirit and a positive look back at a testing year, and available online.

Extract from Ms Courtney Wallace’s Editor’s Report:

Read the WBHS 2020 Magazine onlineAs 2020 opened, “2020 Vision” echoed through the halls of Wynberg and through the passages of Social Media as the unspoken motto of the year. Little did we know in Term 1 that it would prove exceptionally challenging but also exceptionally apt in the year to follow …

… I hope that when you are reading this years from now, when possibly another enemy threatens this institution, that you can learn from its lessons. I hope for us all that the pages allow you to reflect on what was and what can be as a result. Our eyes must, of course, always be on the future, but this is only strengthened and advanced by looking back.

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