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WBHS Magazine 1986

Read the 1986 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1986 School Magazine.

From Headmaster Mr Rowan Algie’s Magazine report:

There is no doubt that education has been very much in the political limelight this year. One of the issues addressed by a number of Peninsula schools has been the question of “open schools.” The parents were requested to express an opinion, but what I wish to present to you is an article written by a boy in the school and published in the Wynbergian. It was headed “Wynberg – Multi-racial?”

“Recently SACS, Westerford and Rondebosch, all schools of a very similar standing to Wynberg, put the question of open schools to the vote … In all the cases, an overwhelming majority voted in favour of the motion …

I think that by now it has been established as a fact that if we are to have peace in our strife-torn country, we must face up to having to change our ways. The three schools which have already shown that they are willing to do this should be seen as an example to us at Wynberg.

Should we, as responsible members of the community, not also show that we are willing to sacrifice certain traditions in the interests of a more stable future?

If Wynberg did put this question to the vote and it was agreed that we should become an open school. how would we go about it? …

There are many questions that would have to be considered. But however we went about it, we would, without doubt, be taking another step towards constructive reform and ultimate peace. That is the one thing we must keep in mind. Let us clear our consciences by giving it a try. Put this extremely important question to the vote!”

Read the full magazine online.

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