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WBHS Magazine 1963

Read the 1963 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1963 School Magazine.

From the School Magazine Editorial :

This has not been a year of material benefits, of anniversaries, of outstanding incidents. Rather has 1963 been noted for a surge of spirit from the very heart of the school – the boys themselves. The atmosphere has been happier, the time more fleeting. The alma mater has entered into a period of change. New faces are becoming the rule, whilst members of staff whose presence has become almost tradition are nearing the end of their life’s work (and, no doubt, are looking forward to a well-earned rest!).

This joie de vivre has been apparent especially on the rugby touchline, where the feeling of “saam draai” could be sensed halfway across Wynberg on a Saturday morning. Unfortunately, this has not pervaded the classroom, and it is felt that effort here leaves much to be desired. It is so easy, while at school, to be oblivious of future responsibilities, and to give all our energies into carving out our niche in school life. Extra-mural activities are most important, and success in them should be praised, but they are short-term in value. With all the goodwill in the world, being outstanding at, say, rugby, is not going to carry you through life. No, we should realise that although school is a time for enjoyment, it also has to provide us with our whole foundation for our future existence. We must remember that what we amount to in life is proportionate to how hard we worked at school.

The need and demand for a new School Hall is as urgent, if not more so than ever. When and if a luxurious new hall does rear its marble head on our grounds, the old one can be sure of an honourable discharge. Never before has one hall served the interests of so many with so few cubic feet. Assembly room, gym, theatre, cinema, music hall, dance floor and even parade ground in adverse weather, the old building is sorely in need of retirement.

How slowly the wheels of administration turn! …

Read the full magazine online.

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