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WBHS Magazine 1932

Read the 1932 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1932 School Magazine (June edition).

From the Magazine Editorial:

The magazine itself, separately from the contributor of the Old Boys’ Section, would like to make mention of the honour achieved by Farrell, the Cape Town Rhodes Scholar for this year. The staff and Farrell’s contemporaries will agree with us that the selection was an excellent one and might well have been predicted four or five years ago. Our School is so poor in opportunities for the winning of bursaries (we certainly have no recurring one that must be granted in lean years and in rich years) that one may be forgiven for singling out an Old Boy in the editorial. We shall have much pleasure in extending the same favour to our next Old Boy Rhodes Scholar, — — –.

From ‘Old Boys’ Notes’ in the Magazine:

Congratulations to Farrell on his selection as Rhodes Scholar for the Cape Province. Congratulations, too, on his high position at the University as President of the S.R.C. We note that be has experienced some of the cares of office recently …

A smoking concert was held in the School Hall on the evening of February 25th. Representatives of most of the Old Boys’ Unions of Peninsula Schools being present. A short speech of welcome was made by the President and replied to by Mr. Frank Reid of the Diocesan College Old Boys’ Union. Messrs. C. Friedlander. A Lorie and J. Luyt were the artists and are to be thanked for providing a very pleasing entertainment …

Read the full magazine online.

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