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WBHS Circular 8 of 23: Important School Information

Friday 17 February 23: Circular 8 – Grade 8 Parent Evening, Cell Phone Usage During School Hours, SGB By-Election, and WCED January Newsletter

Invitation to the Grade 8 Parent Evening – Thursday 23 February, 18h00, Clegg Hall. All Grade 8 Parents and Guardians are cordially invited to attend our annual Grade 8 Parent Information Evening … Cell Phone Usage During School Hours. Whilst Nokia were onto a good thing in its heyday as the world’s leading cell phone maker and whilst they were “Connecting People”, little did the world know the impact Steve Jobs and his team of designers would have … Reminder – Governing Body By-Election Nomination & Election for Parent Representatives to the School Governing Body, Wednesday 15 March … WCED News. A warm welcome also to all those parents joining the
Western Cape public school system for the very first time …

To read the full content, please download WBHS Circular 8 of 23 as a PDF.

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