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WBHS Circular 59 of 2021: Grade 8 Orientation 2022

Friday 26 November 2021: Circular 59 – Grade 8 Orientation 2022

… Your son will undertake his orientation programme from 18 – 21 January, which includes the “Grade 8 sleepover”, an overnight stay here on our school grounds. Our aim is to build relationships amongst all our new boys and help them get to know the staff and one another through fun-filled activities, culminating in our major “Challenge”, the hike up the mountain. All activities except the hike take place on the school campus …

To view the full content, please download WBHS Circular 59 of 2021 as a PDF. along with the essential PDF information:

Programme Summary for Week 1 of 2022

Packing List for the  Sleepover and Hike

Consent Form

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