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WBHS Circular 40 of 2021: Grade 12 Prelim Exams Information

Sunday 29 August 2021: Circular 40 – Grade 12 Prelim Exams Information

We are 8 days away from starting the Prelim examination period. It is important that we keep you informed of procedures so that together we can ensure your son has a stable and calm academic environment in which to write. The examination timetable has been on the front page of Moodle for some time. Please do not print it off – the boys have already requested a couple of changes which I have duly made. I do not anticipate any more changes, but it is safer to work off the live, online timetable. All morning exams start at 09:00 and the afternoon exams start at 14:00. All exams are written in the hall …

To read the full content, please download WBHS Circular 40 of 2021  as a PDF.

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