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WBHS Circular 38 of 2021: Online Teaching, Friday 6 August

Thursday 5 August 2021: Circular 38 – Online Teaching, Friday 6 August

As reported in the news, the Western Cape is at the peak of the third wave of Covid-19 infection and we are experiencing the effects with 23 active cases and a number of boys isolating.

Compared with the first two terms of 2021 where we only had 13 cases, this increase in the number of boys affected has resulted in us requesting permission from the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) to teach online today and tomorrow. By the close of business yesterday evening we had not received their permission and elected to move to the hybrid teaching model allowing those at home to be involved in the lessons.

We have now received WCED permission to close the school and go online. We will finish today’s teaching hybrid-style and tomorrow, Friday 6 August, teach online lessons following the normal Friday timetable.

To read the full content, please download WBHS Circular 38 of 2021 as a PDF.

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