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Supporting Charity Week 2021

Monday 25 – Friday 29 October 2021: The WBHS Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) will be participating in Charity Week 2021 and would love your buy-in to make it a school success.

What is Charity Week?

Find out more on YouTubeCharity Week aims to provide a platform for young people to become active, socially engaged, and united in humanitarian values. Raising money to help countless orphans and disadvantaged children across the world is just one outcome. Whatever the problem, no matter how complex or how longstanding, we will always find it easier to solve when we all work together.

In one week, institutions, organisations, and communities across the globe unite as one body to raise funds to be of benefit to others.

From 25 – 29 October we will be raising funds towards making a difference. Instead of taking part in charitable activities, Charity Week aims to raise funds to go towards a big project that will be of long-lasting benefit to those in need.

Funds raised in previous Charity Weeks have been used to build schools, sustain orphanages, provide aid to disabled youth, among many other causes in South Africa and globally.

How Wynberg Boys’ High will be raising funds

Gatsby for the Greater Good

We know how much boys love to eat. With that in mind, we have been collecting orders for gatsby’s during the week ending Friday 22 October.  100% of profits made on the gatsby sales will go towards Charity Week 2021.

So you get to eat good and do good!

On Monday 25 October, orders from students in Glebe, Hawthornden, Littlewood, and McNaughton Houses will collect their orders before the second break from the back parking area – details to be confirmed.

On Tuesday 26 October, orders from students in Silverhurst, Sunninghill, Trovato, and Oude Wijnberg will collect in the same manner.

Options: Chip gatsby or Polony gatsby

Price: R120 per gatsby, cut in three – meaning 3 boys in a tutor group will group together paying R40 each.
Money must be in by Friday 22 October to secure orders. No orders or money for gatsby’s will be accepted after Friday.

Civvies Day

On Wednesday 27 October we will hold a civvies day with a twist. Boys will be paying R20 to be in civvies, and to see staff in their old school uniform. Be prepared for an interesting day on social media as we share photos of the staff! It’s time for them to dig out their old uniforms and demonstrate how the years have barely changed their youthful physiques. Money will be collected by tutors between Monday and Wednesday next week.

Families and Old Boys: Want to get involved?

Wear your old school uniform (or those bits that fit!) on Wednesday, and/or challenge the staff to ‘Share their Hair” – and please email a photo of yourself for use on Wynberg social media,, and tag @CharityWeek and @WBHSCharityWeek with all your own posts.

Donations to Charity Week into the WBHS bank account via EFT







Bank Reference:

First Name, Last Name 3540/000

Head Shave Challenge

Following the students’ request to see the staff in a different context, the gauntlet has been thrown down to those brave enough in accepting the challenge. The idea is that once a certain amount of money has been raised, members of staff pledge to shave their heads.

Example (hypothetically speaking): Mr De Waal agrees that if the school has raised R50 000, he will shave his head.

Rules: Gentlemen must shave their head to at least a number 2, fades permitted. For the ladies, the challenge will be to dye their hair (or part of it) a colour of their choice.

The students involved in the planning of this week have already nominated a few staff, but anyone else willing to take up the challenge is encouraged to do so.

Your R40 contribution could translate into a R20 000 contribution from the school, towards R1 million towards the week, that may fund the building of a school, that will benefit generations to come.

Please contact Mr Ighlaas Saiet, Teacher in Charge of the MSA,, for more information.

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