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Sport Programme for Term 4

Thursday 29 October 2020: We have made some changes to our sports programme, notified by direct email, and available as a PDF.

Please note that summer sport starts officially this term. Cricket and tennis are allowed to play matches with cricket fixtures already scheduled for the next 4 weeks, and soon to be circulated. We are hoping that water polo and basketball will follow soon. Winter sports will continue but on a slightly reduced level. Sport is still voluntary at this stage, but we do encourage as many boys as possible to get involved, particularly with matches due to start.

Please also note that sport will continue during the exams. We have been forced to miss so much this year that we do not want to deprive our boys any further. School finishes early during exams and boys will have more than enough time to train and to study. It is always good for your sons to stay active during exams.

Warm regards

Peter van Schalkwyk
Deputy Headmaster

Download the PDF: Sport Programme for Term 4

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