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Science Expo in the Clegg Hall, 30 & 31 August 2022

Science Expo: View the photos on Flickr

Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 August 2022: After the disruptions of the last few years, Wynberg Boys’ High School was finally able to run our annual Science Expo. Launched in late January this year, there were numerous checkpoints for the boys and coaches to grapple with the boys’ ideas. The driving concept behind the exposition was to allow our boys to be innovative, critical thinkers while trying to solve the real-life problems we face in South Africa and the world at large.

Our Life Sciences and Physical Science boys participated in the exposition by coming up with original ideas and using their subject knowledge to build models, conduct research investigations, and hypothesised experiments. The boys were required to present a research proposal and a scientific file, as well as an oral presentation using a poster as their source of media.

Our Science Expo not only serves to explore new ideas, but is also an opportunity for the boys to express themselves and create something which could have a positive impact on society. We have also incorporated the exposition into our curriculum for both Life Sciences and Physical Science to ensure that the boys benefit in more ways than one.

The top achievers are recognised by being entered into the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists International Science Fair (ISF). If successful, they could stand a chance to participate in the regional, national, and international leagues. After this week’s exposition, the coach-judges have the crucial task of selecting our top 10 ideas to be entered into the Eskom Science Expo.

We are extremely proud of the exceptional work which our boys have produced this week.

Ms Lauren Cleophas

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