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Prefects and House Captains for 2022, the Induction Ceremony

Watch the Ceremony on YouTube

Thursday 28 October 2021: The Staff and students of Wynberg Boys’ High School welcomed the 2022 leadership group at the traditional Prefects and House Captains Induction Ceremony in the Clegg Hall attended by their families and live streamed via YouTube.

In Mr Peter van Schalkwyk’s words:

This new Matric and Prefect group has already taken on the challenge of returning Wynberg to its pre-Covid values. They have made it their aim to restore those good traditions worn thin by lockdowns.

Congratulations, Gentlemen, may you carry our good traditions to even greater heights in the year ahead.

Mr Jarrod Whitson, Head Prefect in 2018 when the 2022 leadership group were in Grade 8, had these words to say during his address:

Old Boy Jarrod Whitson and Head Prefect for 2022, Zach Porthen
Old Boy Jarrod Whitson and Head Prefect for 2022, Zach Porthen

With prefectship, take away the Common Room, take away the braiding and the tie, take away the responsibilities and all you’re left with is a badge. And all that the badge asks of you is to care – to truly and deeply care about the individuals of the School, from the teachers and the pupils to the cleaners and the ground staff, to put yourself last and ensure that those around you are better because you have been involved in their lives. When you enter these gates with the intent to make the pupils’ voices heard, the cleaners and ground staff feel valued, and to improve the School environment, that’s when a true difference can be made.

House Captains

Jayden Joseph – Glebe

Tristan Munz – Hawthornden

Liam Coetzee – Littlewood

Yaqub Adams – McNaughton

Ridhau Bey – Oude Wijnberg

Hashim Peters – Silverhurst

Qaaim Dollie – Sunninghill

Marcell Oliphant – Trovato


Head Prefect – Zachary Porthen

Deputy Head Prefect – Linga Chigona

Deputy Head Prefect – Cullan Larkin

RCL – Ron Thomas

Portfolio Prefects

Academics – Rushen Talmakkies

Service – Sven Borgström

Culture – Jeane Louw

Sport – Fawaaz Allie

Multimedia – Matthew Price

Grade Prefects

Grade 12 – Ryan Coetzer

Grade 10 & 11 – Kyle Carter

Grade 8 & 9 – Josh Snyders

House Prefects

Glebe – Thabiso Molekwa

Hawthornden – Jordan George

Littlewood – Jason Beckman

McNaughton – As’ad Moos

Oude Wijnberg – Cole Arendse

Silverhurst – Ryan Mitchell

Sunninghill – Faizaan Laws

Trovato – Declin Lesch

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