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Official Launch of the Engineering & Design Faculty Project

Thursday 1 November 2018: WBHS proudly presented our vision for the next phase in our school’s commitment to providing world-class facilities to accommodate our extended curriculum in engineering and design. Key technical streams for inclusion being Civil & Electrical, with Electronics already introduced in 2018 to two classes of Grade 10 students.

Ms Debbie Schäfer, WCED Minister of Education and guest speaker “In South Africa, a general academic education presently forms the primary focus area of our schooling system with technical education being one of the most neglected areas. However, this should actually run parallel with a general academic education, taking into account the demands and growth requirements in the industry, the economic development of our country, and in ensuring increased employment opportunities.”

Wynberg’s proposed facility development, and accompanying scholarship funding is garnering support from key industry and academic partnerships, with Saul Berman of Berman Brothers Construction passionately bringing skills and financial commitment to the project.

Ms Schäfer continued: “We have for some time been wanting good schools to expand and provide opportunity for more people, [particularly] less advantaged people, access to education. By providing such a facility, it will not only open up physical space for enough people, it will also open up educational opportunities by offering the technical stream as well as academic education.”

Wynberg Boys’ High is proud to be a leader in this joint vision for broadening the opportunities of South African youth at secondary school level and committed to the extended curriculum in our constant drive for academic excellence.

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