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Matric Results: Well Done to Our Wynberg Men of 2023!

Friday 19 January 24: Congratulations to the Matric Class of 2023 on delivering a wonderful set of results in the NSC final examination. Notwithstanding the interruptions of the pandemic year, our 175 ’23 matriculants delivered a 100% pass rate with an 87,4% Bachelor Pass rate and 27 A’s. Added to this are 250 subject distinctions, an average of 1,43 per student, and a grade average of 67,82%.

Headmaster, Mr Deon Scheepers, addressed the crowd assembled at the Bill Bowden Pavilion, eagerly awaiting the official results:

The school went out of its way to ensure that the class of 2023 had been adequately prepared academically during their time at school: through teams’ pages, individual meetings, and after-hours support, the staff have gone the extra mile to ensure their academic success.

I thank and congratulate our academic staff and parents, for their commitment and support during the school careers of our class of ’23. The words from our school song, ‘Brothers in an endless chain’, are part of the school’s DNA and treasured by generations of Wynberg boys. the Grade 12s, in particular, have to be the custodians of these school traditions. I commend the Class of ’23 on being such wonderful custodians, ensuring that this endless chain remains unbroken and that future generations of Wynberg men are adequately equipped to pass these traditions on to those that follow.

Highest Subject Marks:

Jared Benn: Mathematics (100%); Physical Sciences (100%).

Hamzah Loonat: Mathematics (100%); Physical Sciences (99%)

Naas Beets: Afrikaans FAL (99%); Economics (99%)

Our top achievers:

Jared Benn
Jared Benn

Jared Benn was invited to the National Awards ceremony yesterday in Gauteng with the other top achievers in the country.

Jared’s aggregate for the NSC Examination was 96.14% and the top achiever, nationally, in Physical Sciences in the NSC Examination.

Jared was also placed second nationally, overall.

Kayd Stamer took the top spot nationally for Electrical Technology (Electronics), with WBHS placed 5th overall in South Africa for the subject.”

Seven Subject Distinctions:

Benjamin Badiali, Naas Beets, Jared Benn, Hamzah Loonat, and Keyaan Matthews

Six Subject Distinctions:

Ebinezer Karengera, Andrew Killick, and Connor Louw

Most Improved Subjects:

Information Technology

Physical Sciences

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