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Matric Prize Giving 2019 – All the Awards

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Prize List – October 2019

Academic Prizes
SD = Subject Distinction

One Certificate
Adam Barnard (Merit), Bevan Coveley (SD for History), Campbell Egan-Fowler (SD for History), Cormac Faul (SD for History), Byron Kingwill (SD for EGD), Andreas Kyprou (SD for EGD), Arin Long (SD for Visual Arts), Martin Lötter (SD for EGD), Murray Macdonald (SD for EGD), Izak McDowell (SD for Information Technology), Phiwe Mentoor (Merit), Jordan Pastor (SD for History), Matthew Perrin (SD for English), Kian Petersen (SD for English), Sebastian Powell (SD for EGD), Tristan Rainbow (SD for Geography), Timothy Sweetman (SD for EGD), Caleb Valerga (Merit), Caleb Vincent (Merit)

Two Certificates
Seth Dantu (SD for EGD; Merit), Fayyaz Ebrahim (SD for Life Sciences; Merit), Tebogo Faas (SD for IsiXhosa; Merit), Gabriel Flint (SD for Life Sciences; Merit), Lee Gibbs (SD for EGD and Information Technology), Jason Harrison (SD for Mathematics; Merit), Timothy Hoenson (SD for Life Sciences; Merit), Imad Marques (SD for Information Technology; Merit), Reece McMinn (SD for History; Merit), Wandile Notshe (SD for History; Merit), Kyler Rienderhoff (SD for Information Technology; Merit), Imtiyaaz Samaai (SD for Afrikaans; Merit), Ben Schaffer (SD for History; Merit), Daniel Skea (SD for Information Technology; Merit), Ryan Thompson (SD for Information Technology; Merit)

Three Certificates
Luke Altmann (SD for Geography; Alf Morris Prize for Geography; Merit), Mikaeel Bassadien (SD for English and Afrikaans; Merit), Thomas Faustmann (SD for English and Information Technology; Merit), Wesley Grenfell (SD for English; Subject Prize for Mathematical Literacy; Merit), Luke Hubbard (SD for English and EGD; Merit), Finn Massari (SD for History and Information Technology; Merit), Justin O’Connor (SD for EDG and Information Technology; Merit), Daanyaal Pearce (SD for Economics and `information Technology; Merit), Yaseen Samodien (SD for English and Geography; Merit), Malcolm Scarrott (SD for English and Information Technology; Merit), Dillon Sibanda (SD for English and Life Sciences; Merit)

Four Certificates
Josh Biddlecombe (SD for EGD, Information Technology and Physical Sciences; Merit), Reece Brice (SD for EGD, Life Sciences and Visual Arts; Merit), Matthew Harris (SD for English, Geography and History; Merit), Caleb Lawrence (SD for Information Technology, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences; Merit), Liam Manshon (SD for English, Mathematics and Information Technology; Merit), Seth Meyer (SD for English, AP English and Life Sciences; Merit), Haaroun Mohamed (SD for EGD and Visual Arts; Subject Prize for Visual Art; Merit), Phillip Mouton (SD for Afrikaans, EGD and Life Sciences; Merit), Jack Rutherford (SD for English, Geography and Visual Arts; Merit)

Five Certificates
Cullen de Villiers (SD for Mathematics, EGD, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences; Merit), Matthew James (SD for English, EGD and Life Sciences; Templeton Prize for Music; Merit), Ra’eez Maidien (SD for English, Economics, History and Life Sciences; Merit)

Six Certificates
Stephen McCallum (SD for English, Mathematics, Accounting, Geography and Physical Sciences; Merit), Kavish Narshi (SD for Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, Economics and History; Merit)

Seven Certificates
Daniel Harrison (SD for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, EGD, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences; Merit), Trentin Petersen (SD for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences; Merit)

Eight Certificates
Mathew Brougham-Cook (SD for English, Afrikaans, EGD, Information Technology and Physical Sciences; D.F. Marais Prize for Afrikaans and R.M. Friedlander Prize for English; Merit)

Nine Certificates
Kamvalethu Sabela (SD for English, isiXhosa, Mathematics, Accounting, History and Economics; Subject prize for Economics and isiXhosa; Merit)

Ten Certificates
Luke Meyer (SD for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, AP English, EGD, History; Subject prize for AP English and EGD and Eric Tasker Prize for History; Merit)

Grade Prizes

3rd in Grade 12
Alex Stempels (92.1%)
SD for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences; Merit
Subject prize for Information Technology
W.E. Bowden Prize for Mathematics

2nd in Grade 12
Ben van Huyssteen (93.1%)
SD for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences; Merit
Subject prize for Life Sciences

1st in Grade 12
Bradley Buchanan (94.9%)
SD for English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences; Merit
Subject prize for Accounting, AP Mathematics and Life Orientation
R.M. Friedlander Prize for English; W.E. Bowden Prize for Mathematics and F.G. Thorp Prize for Physical Sciences
Martin Cleveland Trophy (Dux Learner)

Special Prizes and Awards

Epworth Music Society Prize for Service to Music – Matthew James

Matthew has been a central pillar in the Concert Band, providing opportunities for younger boys to take on leadership roles while still ensuring that the high standard is maintained. He has performed in Concert in the Quad, in the flute ensemble and is a member of the school choir. As Culture Prefect, he was responsible for the organization and administration of events throughout the year, and has overseen the running of the Lunchtime concerts in the Library at breaks. He has been an exemplary model for the next generation of Wynberg musicians, in his dedication, conduct and musical skill.

Old Boys’ Mathematics Prize – Ben van Huyssteen

The UCT Mathematics competition is an annual event for schools in the Western Cape with approximately 7000 participants from grades 8 to 12 taking part. This year the top individual achiever in grade 12 achieved a ranking of 34 out of approximately 450 individual participants.

This year, the Old Boys Mathematics Prize goes to Ben van Huyssteen.

PwC Award for Accounting and Mathematics – Bradley Buchanan

Bradley has received the highest joint average between Mathematics and Accounting thus deserving this award.

Mark Schäfer Trophy for Multilingualism – Mathew Brougham-Cook

Matthew has the highest marks for both English and Afrikaans and has received subject prizes in both of these. In the annual oral moderation of both subjects, his marks moved to 100%.

Best Senior Speaker Award for best speaker in the English Competitions – Dillon Sibanda

Ms De Mink had this to say:
The Senior speaker’s Competition was very difficult to judge, as many of the boys were nothing short of excellent.

Dillon, however, left a lasting impression on me by his insight into the topic, and his delivery of the speech. His confident manner, impeccable command of the English language and clear speaking voice, in addition to his mature grasp of the topic, ensured that he was in the final two.

As a tie-breaker, the boys were given an unprepared topic. Within mere seconds, Dillon was able to entrance his audience with a delightful and light-hearted rendition of the topic. This secured his position as the clear winner.

Best Senior Writer Award for best essay in the English Competitions – Liam Manshon

Liam Manshon’s short story, “Forest Fantasia” is a thought-provoking and excellently written piece which deserves to win the English Writing Competition. It shows maturity, has a well-developed plot-line and portrays an unusual perspective through the eyes of a troubled protagonist. The creative use of figurative language keeps the reader engaged till the end. Liam is a worthy recipient of the English Writing Competition.

Bob Adshade Memorial Trophy for the best Art Portfolio of the year – Haaroun Mohamed

The visual Art Department was immensely enriched when Haaroun made the decision to take Visual Art as an extra subject. He has maintained top position throughout the three years that he has been in the department. Always humble, he has excelled in mastering the techniques which VA pupils were required to experiment with and has always been willing to help others. An exemplary student, he has produced a portfolio which is truly impressive – it is clear to see why his peers voted for him as top portfolio matric pupil of 2019.

Ryno Greenwall Prize awarded for the most original History Project of the year – Kavish Narshi

His research assignment regarding the influence of the Cold War on the Angolan Civil War not only displays the ability to conduct thorough Historical research, but an excellence in the manner in which this information has been analysed and communicated to convey an original opinion on the subject.

Stephen Doidge Business Award for Economics and Accounting – Kamvalethu Sabela

Kamvalethu has received the highest joint average for Economics and Accounting thus demonstrating his aptitude for business but also, as a top achiever, his excellent academic capabilities.

General Knowledge Cup for highest mark in the Inter-house General Knowledge Quiz – Caleb Lawrence

Caleb received the highest mark in the Inter-house General Knowledge quiz score a near perfect 68/70.

Caxton Prize awarded for Outstanding Effort – Joshua Florence

Mike Engelbrecht has this to say: Joshua has shown outstanding dedication to task management and achieving academic proficiency. He has been overt in creating a good learning environment for himself by always ensuring that he occupies a workspace which is free of distractions. He is proactive in making notes and has made a concerted effort to stay ahead of the class in this regard. It has also been noticeable that he has pursued a similar work ethic and dedication to his task in other areas of school life, most noticeably in the pursuit of his sporting activities.

Old Boys’ Award to the top pupil in Grade 12 – Bradley Buchanan

Bradley is awarded this as top learner in Grade 12.

Azriel Fine Bursary – Wandile Notshe

Wandile is a boy who was involved in many areas of school life: played first team rugby, captained the Swimming team, was a House prefect, and achieved a 75% average. He will be doing a B.Com next year at UCT.

Thorp/Rankin Award – Jason Harrison

Jason has given hundreds of hours to the cricket fraternity by scoring virtually every single first team match over the past few years. He has achieved a level of scoring which allows him to score for WP Cricket, captained the third hockey side, and achieved an average of 77%. Jason plans to study applied statistics at UCT next year.

Vernon Carmichael Bursaries, William Clegg Bursaries, Kaplan/Kushlik Scholarship, Bill Lennox Scholarships, and the Mathew Family Bursary – awarded after the results of the final matric examinations.

Life Membership of the Old Boys’ Union, awarded by the school to the Head Prefect – Dillon Sibanda

Rotary Good Fellowship Award to the pupil who has displayed outstanding ability during the year in promoting healthy goodwill and fair play among his fellows – Fayyaz Ebrahim

As Glebe prefect, he has really focused on connecting with the boys and has prioritised giving all the boys in his house time and energy. This has resulted in him being well respected by boys at large. This has promoted healthy goodwill and fellowship and really helped to strengthen the idea of “brothers in an endless chain”. Through his actions, he has become a role-model for all who interact with him at Wynberg.

Friedlander Memorial Award for diligence and service to the school – Tom Pfeiffer and Jason Harrison

Tom has spent hundreds of hours over the last five years working in the Sound and Lighting Box. He has been the mainstay of many school functions such as Concert in the Quad, major productions, music festivals, Outdoor concerts, special presentations, Parent evenings, LO days, Prize-givings and Valedictories, and so on. His dedication to duty is complemented by his expertise and his vision for the work.

Jason began scoring for the 1st XI in October of 2016. He has done duty in 112 first team games – this feat resulted in him being awarded Blues for cricket in 2019. He has travelled with the team on four tours to as far afield as Nelspruit and the Kruger National Park. His diligence and efficiency was rewarded with a provincial call up to the U15 Provincial week in George at the end of 2018. Jason’s attention to detail and professionalism has been a revelation to observe. He has gone beyond the call of duty to derive statistics for each player as well as creating graphical illustrations of each innings. Jason has selflessly dedicated his time to mentoring a new generation of young scorers at Wynberg. The rewards that are reaped in the years to come will be thanks to his dedication and vision.

Pippa Richardson Award for Services to the School Community – Jack Rutherford

Jack is a natural-born leader and will be an asset to any institution, he finds himself at, in the future. He has truly spearheaded the Sustainability Portfolio the year and in turn, offered great service to the school.

Here are some highlights of his year as prefect, to date:

  • Developed organisational structures for our committee.
  • Coordinated the design of our new logo.
  • Coordinated the drafting of our committees Mission Statement.
  • Increased our membership.
  • Coordinated the programmes for the committee’s assemblies.
  • Initiated and coordinated an Interschool (with Springfield and Herschel) community litter cleanup programme.
  • He is a member of the African Climate Alliance, and as a result, arranges learner support for the Climate Strike at Parliament.
  • Coordinated the Tree labelling project at WBHS.
  • Featured excellently on the promotional video for SunExchange, which saw our school become beneficiaries of a complete solar electric system.
  • Sets realistic goals and systematically works to see them through.

We will indeed be sad to see this young man leave our school but I’m confident that the work he has done will give us the platform to continue to grow sustainably beyond 2019.

Wynberg Old Girls’ Cup and Bunty Joubert Award for Community Service – Kyle Cato

Kyle has been involved in multiple service projects at schools and other institutions. Many of these have been separate from those organised by the school. His involvement includes: being a part of the Smile Project; Obtaining a President’s Gold Award; Being named a LeadSA Young Leader; Being a Scout; Receiving an award from the MEC of Social Services as well as many other national and international awards.

Wade Bertram Award, voted for by the matric body and awarded to a boy in matric who by means of his example, his caring and his leadership, has promoted an activity in the school which has enhanced the name and spirit of Wynberg Boys’ High – Kian Petersen

Kian throughout high school has carried himself with dignity and shown the utmost respect to peers and adults alike. His caring and thoughtful nature has allowed him to become a natural leader among his peers. It is these leadership abilities that have earned him the duties of the 1st XI Hockey captain where he carried out his duties with diligence and courage. Despite a difficult season the team managed to draw support throughout the season come rain or shine as Kian would promote the goodwill of Hockey through his sportsmanship on the field and his humility and true Supera Moras spirit off of it. Kian, though not always an outspoken leader, has through his humble nature acquired the respect of his peers. If his peers ever looked for an example of a Wynberg man, he would be it, therefore it is no surprise that he has been chosen by his peers for this award.

David Heidmann Prize for courage and determination in the face of great adversity – Alex Boettger and Nathier Galiem

About Alex, Mr Groenewald had this to say:

Alex was a pupil of Wynberg Boys’ High School for the last 5 years. Throughout these years Alex has been a team player in everything that Wynberg has to offer. He has not allowed his wheelchair to hold him back. In Grade 8 with the help of his fellow housemates, Alex made it to the top of Table Mountain. Throughout the next four years, Alex made his mark at Wynberg. He was a dedicated member of the debating team and often helped his team to victory. During his years at Wynberg, Alex attended his classes on time, literally going the extra mile to get to ramps to access the school building. He did not allow his physical shortcomings to prevent him from achieving academically. Alex finds working for long periods very taxing – he is always will to try his best and push to get the best possible results. I truly believe Alex Boettger deserves this prestigious award for his commitment and perseverance at Wynberg for the last 5 years.

Ms De Mink and Mr Eddy had this to say about Nathier:

He only joined the Wynberg family in his Grade 10 year. He is to be commended on being an incredibly gregarious young man – he came into a brand-new school and immediately made friends all over the place, across the most diverse of groupings.

He struggled tremendously in English. His class was a “second topset” and his marks were usually significantly lower than his counterparts. This, however, did not deter him, and he continued to strive, and made significant (albeit it slow) progress over the two years. At the start of Grade 12, he moved to a different class. At first, he felt a bit lost, but soon realised that the pace was steadier and more manageable for his needs. He checked in with me regularly to report on his progress, and also approached me now and then for a bit of extra help or understanding. His marks across the board have improved substantially due to his hard work and his willingness to always seek out somebody to answer his questions. He always remains positively focused on his future, regardless of his current situation.

In addition, he battled tremendously with his living conditions – an orphanage in the same area in which I live – having to share lodgings with many others, and not always being awarded the time necessary for his grueling academic programme. Over and above this, he had to act as care-giver to his siblings. However, he persevered, and his hard work eventually paid off when he was adopted by another Wynberg family. He has flourished since then. His English and other marks are solid, and we are proud that he is planning to study next year.

We cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award.

Supera Moras Awards for all-round achievement – Matthew James (Silver); Kamvalethu Sabela (Gold) and Malcolm Scarrott (Gold).

These are awarded for all-round excellence and achievement (across the four pillars). It should be noted that Malcolm Scarrott is the only Wynberg Boy to ever have received this award every year for his whole high-school career.

Wiegman Cup, awarded to the most outstanding Silver Badge Prefect – Stephen McCallum

Stephen McCallum has done wonders with transforming Silverhurst House over the last 12 months. He created several new initiatives that have done wonders for the house. His focus was getting the buy-in of each boy and by doing this he has seen the house rise in the Frielander Trophy rankings. He did this through coffee meetings with prospective leaders in the house, a new reward system for participation, Grade 12 suppers and focusing on leaving a positive legacy. Stephens positive influence has seen him turning boys away from participating at inter- house events as he is inundated with requests for participation. This was his goal for the year and he see it come to fruition. He is humble and unassuming in all his interactions with his peers and house mates. Stephen was rewarded as a gold badge prefect and he is recognised amongst the staff as being a true Wynberg Man.

Abelsohn Cup, awarded to the Grade 12 pupil who has done the most for the School in 2019 – Dillon Sibanda

Few people have done as much to develop Wynberg for the future than Dillon Sibanda. He has served as both Head Prefect and the Head of the RCL. In both positions, he has used his influence to develop future leaders, he is constantly speaking to grade 8’s and 9’s, encouraging them them to step up, and take on new challenges. His involvement in all pillars of school life has helped him to connect easily with boys from all walks of life. He has revitalized the Wyncom leadership event, which aims to develop the next generations of Wynberg thinkers and leaders.

For someone with his skills and leadership, it would have been easy to take the lime light. However, he has actively chosen to judge his own success by the ability of others to shine. Wynberg Boys High is in good hands as a result of the tireless work he has done to build the leaders of the future.

Andrew Feinstein Cup, awarded to the best all-rounder in Grade 12 (Academic, Sport, Cultural, Service) – Tebogo Faas

Tebogo was one of the Deputy Head Prefects and a Gold Badge Prefect; he played a supporting Role in the Major Production and was a vital part of the Choir and Vocal Ensemble that earned Diploma at the eisteddfod; he played cricket for the first team, representing Western Province A, and still found time to produce an average of 72%.

Casper Cup for Sportsman of the Year – Rethabile Louw

He was a standout player for the 1st XV for two years, he was selected for The WP U18B rugby team, received Honours for rugby, but also performed well on the athletics track at Sports Day and against SACS

Old Boys’ Award for the best sporting achievement of the year – Siya Plaatjie

For being selected for the SA under 19 Cricket team that played against Pakistan in a One Day international series in Durban, KZN during the June holidays.

Honours Award to the pupil or pupils for outstanding performances which have brought honour to the school – The Mathematics Department

After many years Wynberg broke into the top 3 at the UCT Maths Competition. About a hundred schools from around the W Cape take part. It is our highest ranking ever. The announcer at the prize giving said the following: “in 2017 Wynberg came 5th, in 2018 Wynberg came 4th and this year they are 3rd, watch this space for 2020”

We are also the school with the highest number of entries in the first and second round of the Maths Olympiad

Friedlander Shield presented to the winning House for 2019

8th McNaughton
7th Sunninghill
6th Glebe
5th Oude Wijnberg
4th Trovato
3rd Littlewood – 231 points
2nd Hawthornden – 238 points
1st Silverhurst – 257 points

2019 Achievers

Dillon Sibanda* – Head Prefect & RCL, Tebogo Faas* – Deputy Head Prefect, Malcolm Scarrott* – Deputy Head Prefect & Service, Fayyaz Ebrahim – Glebe, Jethro Johnson – Hawthornden, Campbell Egan-Fowler – Littlewood, Ben Schaffer – McNaughton, Seth Meyer – Oude Wijnberg, Stephen McCallum* – Silverhurst, Daniel Harrison – Sunninghill, Mikaeel Bassadien – Trovato, Ben van Huyssteen – Academics, Matthew James – Culture, Matthew Harris – Sport, Kamvalethu Sibela – Junior Grades, Mathew Brougham-Cook – Senior Grades, George Kaseya – Grade 12, Jack Rutherford – Sustainability, Luke Hubbard, Henry Knight * Gold Badge Prefect

House Captains
Joseph Tulloch – Glebe, Phiwe Mentoor – Hawthornden, Bevan Coveley – Littlewood, Tariro Chamba – McNaughton, Sihle Ngxalambiso – Oude Wijnberg, Thomas Faustmann – Silverhurst,
Daniel Spogter – Sunninghill, Phillip Mouton – Trovato

Academic Work: 80%+ averages
Reece Brice, Mathew Brougham-Cook, Bradley Buchanan, Cullen de Villiers, Daniel Harrison, Caleb Lawrence, Ra’eez Maidien, Stephen McCallum, Luke Meyer, Kavish Narshi, Trentin Petersen, Kamvalethu Sabela, Alex Stempels, Ben van Huyssteen

WP Representatives
Rethabile Louw (Rugby), Wandile Notshe (Rugby), Tauliep Esau (Rugby), Raees Carr (Cricket), Cameron Tanner (Cricket), Jared Southgate (Cricket), Tebogo Faas (Cricket), Timothy Meyer (Swimming), Liam Manshon (Chess), Arin Long (Water Polo), Matthew Williams (Basketball), Jared Waltman (Athletics), Luke Altmann (Swimming & Biathlon), Stephen McCallum (Swimming), Kian Petersen (Hockey), Jethro Johnson (Water Polo), Andreas Kyprou (Water Polo), Joshua Biddlecombe (Water Polo)

SA Representatives
Siya Plaatjie (Cricket), Francois Kaiser (Hockey), Liam Manshon (Chess), Imraan Swart (Water Polo)

Gap Year Exchange Student
Jethro Johnson – George Watson’s, Scotland

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