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Inter-House Swimming Gala Results and Media Memories

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Thursday 3 February 2022: What an evening of school spirit, house pride, and keen competition! Congratulations to all swimmers and to the staff, ably led by Ms Kayla Hoey, Teacher in Charge of Swimming, for the smooth organisation of the first major Inter-House event of the year.

Final House Positions

1st Silverhurst – 352 points
2nd Littlewood – 331 points
3rd Hawthornden – 326 points
4th McNaughton – 304 points
5th Trovato – 303 points
6th Oude Wijnberg – 292 points
7th Glebe – 286 points
8th Sunninghill – 234 points

Age Group Champions

U14 – Josh Linscott (McNaughton)
U16 – Ziggy Riemer (Littlewood)
U19 – Josh Schoeman (Hawthornden)

Events and Winners

(In programme order)

U19 400m Freestyle – Josh Schoeman
U14 4x25m Individual Medley – Josh Linscott
U16 4x25m Individual Medley – Aden Da Costa
U19 4x25m Individual Medley – Dylan Bantom
U14 4x25m Medley Relay – Silverhurst
U16 4x25m Medley Relay – Littlewood
U19 4x25m Medley Relay – Glebe
U16 100m Freestyle – Aden Da Costa
U19 100m Freestyle – Josh Schoeman
U16 50m Butterfly – Ziggy Riemer
U19 50m Butterfly – Dylan Bantom
U16 100m Breaststroke – Beni Hansen
U19 100m Breaststroke – Joshua Hayes
U14 25m Freestyle – Josh Linscott
U16 25m Freestyle – Ziggy Riemer
U19 25m Freestyle – Marcell Oliphant
U14 25m Butterfly – Achmat Behardien
U16 200m Freestyle – James McPetrie
U19 200m Freestyle – Josh Schoeman
U16 25m Butterfly – Ziggy Riemer
U19 25m Butterfly – Anaas Salie
U14 50m Backstroke – James Orwin
U16 50m Backstroke – Brandon Ashburner
U19 50m Backstroke – Justin Damonze
U16 200m Breaststroke – Beni Hansen
U19 200m Breaststroke – Joshua Hayes
U14 50m Freestyle – Joshua Linscott
U16 50m Freestyle – Ziggy Riemer
U19 50m Freestyle – Heath Horn
U16 100m Butterfly – Josh Arbuzova
U19 100m Butterfly – Luke van Zyl
U14 50m Breaststroke – Joshua Linscott
U16 50m Breaststroke – Beni Hansen
U19 50m Breaststroke – Dylan Bantom
U16 100m Backstroke – Matthew Brading
U19 100m Backstroke – Josh Schoeman
U14 4x25m Freestyle House Relay – Silverhurst
U16 4x25m Freestyle House Relay – Hawthornden
U19 4x25m Freestyle House Relay – Silverhurst

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