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Inter-House Sports Day: Results, Records, & Media Memories

Inter-House Sports Day – view the full Flickr photo collection

Thursday 10 February 2022: This year’s edition of the Inter-House Sports Day saw a return to full school and spectator support after the Covid-19 restrictions of 2021. A magnificent day of spirited competition in the annual chase for house points toward the Friedlander Shield competition brought new records and old traditions to the Silverhurst Fields – from the Littlewood House march to start the event to the staff vs students relay at the end. All under a clear, summer sky in perfect wind-free conditions. 

Thanks to all staff for their assistance on the day, families and friends for joining in support, and well done to all athletes. View the full collection of photo memories on our Flickr channel.

Vice-Principal, Mr Cliff Hull, wrote in the weekly newsletter of Friday 11 February:

Our Inter-house Sports Day, a flagship event on our school calendar. Aside from the sparkling performances themselves, it was another priceless opportunity for our boys to forge memories and to continue to build lasting relationships amongst each other, albeit under the guise of healthy inter-house rivalry.

Whilst the sporting life of the school has flourished, we eagerly await the return of our fully-fledged cultural and service programme within the next couple of weeks. Please do stay tuned to these pages as these pillars flicker, and hopefully explode, into life.

View the prize giving photos
View the prize giving photos

Congratulations to the new record holders in the U19 and the U16 age groups – see below in bold text. Note: the U16 age group replaced the decades-old U17 age group at the 2021 inter-house event. All previous records are available in our online programme.

Final House Positions

1. Littlewood – 391 points
2. Glebe – 265 points
3. Oude Wijnberg – 237 points
4. McNaughton – 209 points
5. Silverhurst – 179 points
6. Sunninghill – 155 points
7. Trovato – 149 points
8. Hawthornden – 128 points

Under 14

Age Group Champion:
Esa van der Schyff, McNaughton

1500m – A. Berhadien, Silverhurst: 5.05,4
200m – Z. de Kock, Littlewood: 25,1s
800m – J. van Zyl, Oude Wijnberg: 2.33,1
100m – Z. de Kock, Littlewood: 12,1s
Shot Put 4kg – E. van der Schyff, McNaughton: 11,7m
Discus 1kg – J. Welsh, Oude Wijnberg: 28,11m
Javelin 600gm – Z. Botha, Glebe: 24,61m
Long Jump – Z. de Kock, Littlewood: 5,17m
High Jump – M. Stokes, Sunninghill: 1,58m
400m – Z. Grainger, Glebe: 1.06,5

Under 15

Age Group Champion:
Ethan Daniels, Glebe

1500m – J. Stryd, McNaughton: 5.19,5
200m – E. Daniels, Glebe: 24,1s
800m – J. Albrecht, Hawthornden: 2.24,7
100m – E. Daniels, Glebe: 11,7s
Shot Put 4kg – T. Miller, Hawthornden: 11,97m
Discus 1kg – B. David, Littlewood: 31,94m
Javelin 600gm – O. Mooi, Littlewood: 26,99m
Long Jump – M. Noble, Littlewood: 5,28m
High Jump – L. Rens, Sunninghill: 1,55m
400m – E. Daniels, Glebe: 58,9s

Under 16

Age Group Champion:
Dayle Gertson, Glebe

1500m – A. Paterson, Littlewood: 4.58,4 (New Record)
200m – D. Gertson, Glebe: 23,3s (New Record)
800m – S. Kwedana, Littlewood: 2.33,0
100m – D. Gertson, Glebe: 11,3s (New Record)
Shot Put 5kg – A. da Costa, Sunninghill: 13,0m (New Record)
Discus 1,5kg – A. Meyer, Trovato: 27,38m
Javelin 700gm – T. February, Littlewood: 40,36m (New Record)
Long Jump – T. Gombe, Littlewood: 5,65m (New Record)
High Jump – J. Meier, McNaughton: 1,5m
400m – T. Gombe, Littlewood: 58,9s (New Record)

Under 19

Age Group Champion:
Zachary Porthen, Glebe

1500m – S. Tooley, Littlewood: 4.40,9
200m – R. Bey, Oude Wijnberg: 23,1s
800m – T. Charles, Oude Wijnberg: 2.12,2
100m – E. Thomas, Littlewood: 10,9s
Shot Put 6kg – Z. Porthen, Glebe: 14,31m (New Record)
Discus 1,75kg – Z. Porthen, Glebe: 33,0m
Javelin 800gm – Y. Adams, McNaughton: 38,15m
Long Jump – A. Bisset, Silverhurst: 5,48m
High Jump – A. Rayners, Hawthornden: 1,72m
400m – L. Matthewson, Oude Wijnberg: 54,1s


3000m – T. Charles, Oude Wijnberg: 10.19,3

Age Group Champions
Age Group Champions
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