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Founders’ Day, Friday 25 August 2023

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Friday 25 August 23: “One of the key elements of Founders’ Day is the pause midway through the proceedings.  The first half of the ceremony is our remembrance of the past, commemorating those who have gone before and paved the way for us – those who have built the school into the edifice it is today. Then we look to the future, as we become aware that every boy sitting in his Wynberg uniform is a founder of future traditions, as he strives to make the school more fit for the current South Africa. The school is a living entity and needs to keep modernising itself while holding on to the values which made it the school that it is.” – Mr Larry Moser

Thank you for joining us – please use the tabs to read Headmaster, Deon Scheepers’ Welcome, former Headmaster, Keith Richardson’s John McNaughton Address, watch the live-streamed video, and read the programme.

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