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Covid-19: Exams and the Return of Uniforms & Sport

Tuesday 25 August 2020: eMail communication to all parents, guardians and students about the return to normal school routines after exams, and the re-introduction of uniform and physical activities.

The Grade 8s and 9s are writing exams this week and the Grade 10s and 11s are due to finish writing exams on Wednesday 2 September. Once these exams are over, we would like to start getting our boys back into the routines of normal school by re-introducing the school uniform and physical exercise again.

Uniform and Appearance

As of Monday 7 September all boys attending school will be expected to wear school uniform every day that they are at school. They can wear summer or winter uniform, but they will be expected to be clean shaven and their hair cut to meet the normal Wynberg expectations. We have been lenient over the last few weeks with regards to appearance, but from Monday 7 September we will be resuming with normal discipline measures. These measures apply to all grades, including matrics.

Re-introduction of Physical Activities

As a school we are concerned about the inactivity of our boys. Now that we are over the peak and hopefully will not have further spikes, we feel that it is time to get our boys back into training and physical activity as we know that many of them are desperate to have some form of school organised exercise. We have, therefore, decided to arrange conditioning and skills sessions from Monday 7 September. Teenagers have shown that they do not easily get infected and we believe that it will be safer training on the open field than being in a classroom in a confined space. We are comfortable that our boys will be safe.

We will run these sessions with the following guidelines in mind:

  • These sessions will be completely voluntary
  • We will be offering summer and winter sport activities at the same time
  • Boys can choose which activity they attend
  •  The emphasis will be on conditioning, skills and fun games
  •  We will adhere to all the basic Covid- protocols
  • These sessions are aimed at Grade 8 to 11’s, but Matrics are welcome to attend if they have time in their academic schedule.

The general times of the sessions:

Grade 11s Monday 15:30-17:00 and Wednesday 14:00 – 15:30
Grade 10s Tuesday 09:45-11:15 for PM group and Tuesday 12:00 -13:30 for AM group
Grade 10s will only be able to attend one of these sessions per week, but they are welcome to join other grades on other days if they are available
Grade 8 & 9s Thursday 15:15-16-45 and Friday 13:00-14:30
There will be some exceptions to the times for some of the sports, but boys will be informed.

The activities on offer: Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Squash, Tennis, Water Polo and X-Country

We know that the boys will be excited to get back into action, but first they need to focus on the exams over the next 10 days.

School Holidays

We would also like to use this opportunity to clarify the school term dates until the end of the year because these have changed a number of times over the last few months.
Term 3 ends on Friday 23 October
Term 4 starts on Monday 2 November giving boys and staff a week break
School closes at the end of the year on Tuesday 15 December.

Kind regards

Peter van Schalkwyk
Deputy Headmaster

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