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Congratulations Wynberg Chess! Great Performances at the Grey College Chess Tournament

Friday 18 – Sunday 20 February 2022: After a year’s absence the school was pleased to see things returning to normal and we were keen to accept the invitation to attend the Grey College 19th Annual Schools Chess Tournament. Three Chess teams travelled to Bloemfontein with the A and B teams (4 boys per team), playing in the A section of the Tournament, and the C team competing in the B section.

We produced our best results ever, with the A team finishing 2nd (silver medal) while the B team was placed 6th. The C team played some stunning matches to finish in 4th position in the B section.

The results are as follows:

1st team: Kevin Karengera, Fayyaaz Harnekar (capt), Keean Vassen, and Connor Manuel).
Beat Sand du Plessis A (FS) 4-0
Beat Trinity House A (GT) 2½ -1½ (last year’s winners)
Lost to Stirling A (EC) 1½-2½ (Stirling won the gold medal)
Beat Selborne A (EC) 2½ -1½
Beat Affies A (GT) 3½ -½
Final ranking – 2nd (out of 18)

2nd team: Ashton McCormick (capt), M Saalih Tasriet, Sebastian de Klerk, and Damian Hetherington.
Beat Grey College B (FS) 3-1
Drew with St Andrews A (FS) 2-2
Drew with Sekunda Sentraal A (MP) 2-2
Lost to Trinity House A (GT) 1 – 3
Beat Affies Meisies A (GT) 3-1
Final ranking – 6th (out of 18)

3rd team: Daniel Budge, Reuben Semple (capt), Liam Storey, and Ethan Pinn.
Beat Affies Meisies C (GT) 4-0
Lost to Affies Seuns C (GT) 1-3
Lost to Affies Seuns D (GT) 1½-2½
Drew with Selborne B (EC) 2-2
Beat Grey College E (FS) 3½ -½
Final ranking – 4th (out of 24)

Best Individual performance goes to Keean Vassen with five wins, a result which won him the board prize for Board 3 in the A section. Kevin Kerengera won four and lost one of his five matches playing at Board 1 in the A section, and Fayyaaz Harnekar was undefeated at Board 2, winning one and drawing four of his matches. These are fantastic results as the top boards in the A section consist of nationally ranked players.

Other memorable results are Saalih Tasriet and Daniel Budge, who both won four out of their five games.

These results are due in large part to the hard work put in by the coach, Andrew McInnes, who must take full credit. He spent time with every boy after every round, analysing their games and assisting them to improve their general play. He has become a vital asset to Wynberg’s chess over the past three years and has seen us grow from strength to strength.

Mr Larry Moser
Deputy Headmaster & TIC of Chess

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