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WBHS Magazine 1974

Read the 1974 WBHS School Magazine online

Courtesy of the WBHS Archives in the Oude Wijnberg Museum – the digital copy of the 1974 School Magazine.

From the School Magazine Editorial :

This magazine leaves the school for 900 destinations; pupils, old boys, parents and past and present staff will glance through it or study it line by line. It may well be read in an armed redoubt in the Caprivi Strip and be a last look back at an unreal peace; it may conjure up time-warmed boyhood memories by some nostalgic fire-side; it may be read lying in the Long Beach sand or climbing in a Heerengracht high-rise-but read it will be in whole or in part.

And what will it say, this magazine of ours? It will tell of sports victories and defeats soon to be erased by the ensuing season, of societies which flourished too often like the morning-glory, of occasions and ceremonies which held our attention for a moment, of earnest tales written by pupils, who later find them an embarrassment. Is this why we read it? Often no. We search for a mention of our name, a photograph, or turn first to the report on our team or that of a friend or relative. For a season the magazine captures us and we become part of the school’s communication with the Wynberg Community. We are Wynberg Boys’ High School in 1974 in the eyes of the world (or 900 of them anyway) …

Read the full magazine online.

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