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WBHS Circular 38 of 2022: Essential Matric Info Until End of the Year

Monday 26 September 2022: Circular 38 – Essential Matric Info Until End of the Year

The aim of the prelim exams is to be a practice run for the finals. The format and the standard of the prelims have NOT been made more difficult, and all teachers were instructed to set papers as close to the end-of-year standard as possible.

My advice to Matriculants is to ensure that they build on their results and hard work from this point and set very clear and achievable goals for November. We are hoping that, with committed preparation for the remaining few weeks, those boys who are serious about their futures will strive to improve their results by at least 10% …

To read the full content, please download WBHS Circular 38 of 2022 as a PDF, along with Annexure A – DBE Commitment Agreement to NSC 2022.

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