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Staff Sing Farewell to Jan de Waal ‘Ons Man van Staal’

Wednesday 8 December 2021: The WBHS Staff sang farewell to Mr Jan de Waal with many a tear in the eye. A wonderful al fresco breakfast in front of the School as they bade farewell to a much-loved, and respected Headmaster. 

To the melody of the age-old Greensleeves, Mr Larry Moser penned poignant words to describe Mr De Waal’s tenure as Headmaster:

The Wynberg staff started one seven five
At a hectic pace, very few could survive
But up to the plate stepped “Die Man van Staal”
The man whom we all know as Jan de Waal

Chorus: Fires, flood, the Plague, and more
Were just some of the beasts knocking at his door.
Fires, flood, the Plague and Drought
Were all conquered by Jan with extraordin’ry clout.

The athletes showed us their mighty squad
So Jan turned a triangle into a quad
And Wynberg men long denied the race
After one hundred years could now show their face.


The technical gurus said they wanted more
And so Jan went a knocking on many a door
To raise the money and then to build;
And the structure with young engineers now is filled.

His five-year plan was so near to the end
When the Covid Plague waves of panic did send
But Jan went online to save the day
And we all learned of new ways to work and to play.

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