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Little Shop of Horrors – An Outstanding Wynberg Production

View the Little Shop of Horrors photo collection on Flickr

Saturday 6 August 2022 saw the curtain close on the excellent production of Little Shop of Horrors by the Wynberg Boys’ Acting Association. What a pleasure it is to have theatre back in our school again. This production afforded so many of our students the opportunity to be a part of something incredibly special, and extraordinarily successful.

Read the online programme
Read the online programme

Little Shop of Horrors revolves around a struggling florist in downtown Skidrow owned by Mr Mushnik whose two employees are central to this play. Seymour is an orphan who works for Mushniks, and Audrey who dates the very dangerous dentist Orin Scrivello. Seymour purchases a strange and interesting plant which he names Audrey 2. This plant is in actual fact an alien who wants to take over the world and survives on a diet of blood.

Events escalate and eventually Seymour is caught up in the ethical dilemma of whether to kill people to feed the plant, or to walk away.

The sets, expertly made by Mrs Tracey Brandt, saw Skidrow, the Mushnik florist and Orin Scrivello’s office come to life. All the costumes and props secured by Mrs Natalie Karg worked magically to enhance every character and scene. The music was suberbly directed by Mr Richard Haigh, and the professionalism of the band led by Mr Jonathan Chuter had many audience members in awe that the orchestra comprised WBHS students! The sound and lighting was top quality thanks to the crew from both the Boys’ and Girls’ schools, headed up by Mr Dylan Edwards.

Mrs Karg had this to say about the production:

“I am in awe of the incredible cast, band, and technical crew. I am still blown away by the fact that the vision I had for this play was so expertly brought to life. Seeing these pupils grow throughout this process has been the most rewarding part of it for me. Each and every person involved in this has had such a positive experience.”

View the cast and chorus photos
View the cast and chorus photos

The audiences on all 4 nights were completely blown away by the energy and joy brought to the stage. Every part of this production was of an excellent standard from the sets to the music to the acting and dancing. Special thanks go to the following people involved: Mrs Karg – Director, Mr Haigh – Musical Director, Mrs Brandt – Artistic Design, Mr Chuter – Band Conductor, Ms Gabriels – behind the scenes, Mr Hugo – Assistant Director, Mr Edwards – Sound and Lighting.

Well done to all on a show that will live on in the cannon of magnificent productions at Wynberg Boys’ High School. Read some of the comments on social media during the show’s four-night run:

“Little Shop of Horrors was fantastic. You had to see it to believe it!”

“Outstanding production 👌Well done Wynberg Boys’ High School!”

“What an INCREDIBLE production!! An absolute triumph!! Congratulations to all involved!”

“What an incredible production. You guys nailed it. The sound quality and lighting were fantastic and the singing was showing such amazing talent. This was such a worthwhile event to attend!”

A #MediaMedia report, with grateful thanks to Mrs Natalie Karg, WBHS Vice-Principal of Culture & Service

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